Photo(s) of the Week: Snow!

A view of the lower Sundeck following a snowfall last winter. Photo by Gigi Altarejos

This week saw New York City’s first snowfall of the season. While the light dusting left little to be captured on film by the time the sun was shining, it was our operations crew’s first call to action for the winter season. With a mile and a half of park and 11 access points, it’s all hands on deck every time it snows. Much like a bridge, the elevated nature of the park means that wet snow or sleet can quickly turn to ice, creating unsafe slippery conditions. Our operations team works quickly to remove ice and snow from the park using manual – rather than chemical – methods, like snow blowers, snow brooms, and shovels.

Snow and ice removal can sometimes take time, but the result is beautiful. Below are some of my favorite photos from the last few years.

Visitors walk along the High Line near West 16th Street. Photo by Mike Tschappat

A snowy scene at West 20th Street. Photo by David Wilkinson

Photo by Oliver Rich

Here our gardener Kaspar pushes a snow broom through the park to help clear a path. During the winter months, gardeners join our custodial and maintenance staff to help clear snow and ice. Photo by David Wilkinson

Despite chilly temperatures, there’s still plenty to eat on the High Line if you’re a bird. Red Sprite winterberry, Ilex verticillata 'Red Sprite,’ is a favorite among visitors and birds alike. Photo by Mike Tschappat

A snowy landscape offers many photo opps to brave – and warmly dressed – photographers. Photo by Juan Valentin

Snow up to your knees! In 2013, petite sculptural installation, Carson, was often buried in snow. Photo by Beverly Israely

Photo by Gene Daly

The snow-covered Diller – von Furstenberg Sundeck is a peaceful scene. Photo by Marcin Wichary

Photo by Beverly Israely

Following particularly heavy snowfalls, the Snow Team is called into action. These hardy volunteers work side-by-side with our staff to get the park cleared and opened to the public. Photo by David Wilkinson

The Standard hotel provides a bird’s-eye view of snow removal efforts. During the day, our operations staff starts clearing snow as soon as it starts to fall in order to keep the path clear and the park open. Photo by Marcin Wichary

Photo by Andrew Frasz

Snow offers a great backdrop to appreciate the architectural nature of the High Line’s winter garden. Photo by Friends of the High Line

Photo by Gigi Altarejos

Photo by Eddie Crimmins

Yay – snow! A visitor enjoys a winter wonderland in the Chelsea Thicket. Photo by Eric La

Looking to capture your own snowy High Line photos? Make sure to visit our website or follow @highlinenyc on Twitter following snowfall to check for delays or closures.

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