Photos of the Week: What Good Is Winter?

Photo by Timothy Schenck

Oh, winter. For three, four, sometimes five months you freeze us, pelt us with hail, and bury us under mountains of snow. Snow that, within hours of hitting the New York City pavement, becomes brown, foot-drenching slush. With the holidays behind us, what good is winter?

These pictures, captured last week by High Line Photographer Timothy Schenck, mount a convincing defense for this cold-hearted season. Not only are Tim's photographs beautiful to look at, but they reflect the care and love that High Line staff members pour into the park. In these photos you'll see the trees, berries, and shrubs meticulously tended by our gardeners. You'll see the walkways cleared of ice and snow by both staff and an amazing team of volunteers who sacrifice their mornings so that visitors can enjoy the park's lovely winter views. And you'll see the High Line's benches, railings, and other design elements transformed by a fresh dusting of snow.

In the Philip A. and Lisa Maria Falcone Flyover – between West 25th and West 27th Streets – we're treated a wonderful sight: green leaves. They belong to Green Shadow sweetbay magnolia (Magnolia virginiana var. australis 'Green Shadow'), a semi-evergreen plant. In the right environment, such as the unique microclimate of the Flyover, this tree "stays gorgeous all year round," says Horticulture Manager Andi Pettis.

Part of the High Line's original construction in the 1930s, these Art Deco railings have weathered countless storms

Volunteers and staff members work side-by-side to clear snow near the 23rd Street Seating Steps.

The sun illuminates the bright fruit of the Red Sprite winterberry, Ilex verticillata 'Red Sprite.' This plant is a crucial winter food source for the High Line's birds.

In the spring, these three-flowered maple trees (Acer triflorum) will bloom, offering needed shade when temperatures rise.

The radial bench, which curves along the High Line at West 29th and West 30th Streets, looks a bit less welcoming when covered in snow.

Two volunteers, taking a well-deserved break, walk past Isabelle Cornaro's God Box (column), part of the High Line Art exhibition Archeo.

Oh, winter. You're kind of OK after all.
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