Spring Cutback Begins

Volunteers and staff spent the first day of Spring Cutback in the Rail Yards, cutting back the plant beds for the first time. After a two-week delay (thanks, winter!) we were excited to get started in the northernmost section of the park. Photo by Liz Ligon.

This week we began to trim back the dried grasses and striking seed heads that defined our gardens during this long winter. The annual horticultural endeavor, called Spring Cutback, lasts several weeks and involves our entire staff, as well as hundreds of volunteers. It's hard work, but the camaraderie and promise of new growth make it one of our most exciting programs. We'd like to thank Toyota and REI for their generous support of this monumental effort.

See more photos from the first week of 2015 Spring Cutback below.

About 80 volunteers helped us during the first week of Spring Cutback. Neighbors, corporate groups, old friends, and new ones helped trim back the plant beds and make way for new growth. Photo by Liz Ligon.

Photos by Oliver Rich.

A Cutback team of staff and volunteers gathered for a tutorial beneath The Standard before beginning an afternoon shift at the Washington Grasslands, located between Little West 12th and 14th Street. Prairie grasses and perennials dominate the planting beds in this area. Photo by Mike Tschappat.

New growth can be seen popping up all over the park these days. Even though the temperature dropped a bit this week, these seedlings are proof that spring is surely on its way. Photos by Oliver Rich.

Volunteer High Line photographer Mike Tschappat used the brilliant blooms of this witch hazel tree to frame volunteers and High Line staff hard at work. Photo by Mike Tschappat.

Tom Smarr, our Director of Horticulture, carries tubs of debris to the main dumping stations, where organic matter is collected for composting. Photo by Liz Ligon.

Spring Cutback is generously supported by Toyota and REI.

REI is a Supporting Sponsor of the High Line Volunteer Program. This program is supported, in part, with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the New York City Council.

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