Photo of the Week: Spring Blooms

Photo by Steven Severinghaus

In spring, every fresh shoot of green that pops up and every delicate flower that blossoms is a reminder that warm weather is right around the corner – even if the forecast seems to disagree. The High Line is home to a variety of early bloomers that brighten up the otherwise still-barren landscape: some of the standouts being late-winter witch hazels and a variety of early-spring bulbs.

One easily overlooked early-spring bulb is Galanthus nivalis, or the common snowdrop. Like another harbinger of the spring season, crocuses, they'll even occasionally pop up when snow still covers the ground. Also – similarly to crocuses – it takes careful observation to catch these tiny little flowers.

At the High Line, you'll find snowdrops blanketing the understory of the Philip A. and Lisa Maria Falcone Flyover, between West 25th and West 27th Streets. I loved this photo by High Line Photographer Steven Severinghaus because it gives an up-close look at these hard-to-spot beauties.

View or download this month's bloom list to see how many spring blooms you can find during your next visit.

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