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The section of the High Line between 30th St. & 11th Ave. & 34th St. & 12th Ave. is currently closed as crews clear snow and ice from the park's pathways. Please check back or follow @highlinenyc on Twitter for updates.

Photo of the Week: Trees in Bloom

Photo by Eddie Crimmins

Throughout the streets and gardens of New York City, trees are in full bloom.

This week, particularly in the park's "forested" areas – along the southernmost section of the park (pictured here), the Chelsea Thicket, and Philip A. and Lisa Maria Falcone Flyover – spring is marked by a quick flush of flowers and a bursting of new leaves.

Pictured here in this shot of the Gansevoort Street stair by High Line Photographer Eddie Crimmins are two of the most showy tree species you'll find on the High Line this time of year: a redbud on the left (Cercis canadensis 'Appalachian Red,' to be specific) and Allegheny serviceberry, Amelanchier laevis, on the right.

Redbuds are a crowd favorite, and on the High Line you'll find 5 different cultivars. Most of them have vibrant pink blooms that characteristically pop out from the branches and trunk themselves. Learn more about the High Line's redbuds.

Serviceberry trees are found in several places in the park, but most notably they line the Philip A. and Lisa Maria Falcone Flyover, between West 25th and West 27th Streets. There the walkway ramps up so at this time of year you can walk through a sea of white serviceberry blooms. Learn more about the High Line's serviceberry trees.

As with many spring blooms, these flowers are ephemeral. Stop by soon to enjoy them.

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