Photo of the Week: Aerial View at 29th Street

Photo by Timothy Schenck

Sometimes to get a better view of an elevated-railway-turned-park, you have to go even higher.

We love this recent aerial shot of the High Line at West 29th Street taken in early May by photographer Timothy Schenck. This time of year when the plants have not yet completely leafed out, you can better appreciate the intricate patchwork of plantings and the seamless integration of original rail tracks, both visible more easily at this elevated perspective.

Spring is a time of rapid transformation in the park. Even in the short 10 days since this photo was taken, new blooms have burst and some have faded, branches and stems are filling with fresh green leaves, and the visible patches of bare soil are slowly disappearing. With a hot day here and there, it feels – and is beginning to look – like we're on the verge of summer.

Learn more about what blooms and design features to check out during your next visit.

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