Photo of the Week: Summer Siesta on the High Line

Photo by Anita Ng

With the summer solstice quickly approaching, temperatures are rising and people are unwinding. In New York, this can only mean one thing — a day at the park! During the summer, New York City parks become playgrounds for people of all ages, whether on the weekends or during especially warm weekday afternoons. On the High Line, our visitors also take advantage of their siesta by spending time outdoors.

This photograph by Anita Ng shows two of our visitors enjoying the Diller-von Furstenberg Sundeck and Water Feature, located between West 14th and West 15th Streets. The pathway is filled with lounge chairs and a shallow pool that offers visitors a place to cool their heels during the hot summer months. With the June sun beaming down harder and harder on the city, we don't want visitors to wilt while viewing the flourishing gardens. This shady pathway is one of the best places on the High Line to beat the heat, making it a popular spot for our guests.

How do you spend your summer siestas on the High Line? Share your photos by tagging us on Instagram (@highlinenyc) and Twitter (@highlinenyc).

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