Elevated Eats: Melt Bakery

On these hot days, we only have eyes for ice cream! Especially when it's between two cookies. This installment of Elevated Eats goes behind the scenes at Melt Bakery, NYC's first ice cream sandwich shop that has two locations on the High Line: one in the Chelsea Market Passage at West 16th Street, and one at West 30th Street and 11th Avenue.

Trained pastry chef Julian Plyter (pictured above) and Kareem Hamady started Melt Bakery in 2010 and opened their Orchard Street shop on the Lower East Side in 2012. The motivation was to create delicious ice cream sandwiches with locally sourced ingredients. The idea is simple and the results are incredible.

The first step is to make the cookies, which is done in the morning at the front of Melt's Orchard Street shop. The best seller, The Classic, is a chocolate chip walnut cookie (being made here) with vanilla ice cream.

Cooking is a family affair for Julian: "My mom was my first baking instructor, and many of the recipes I've used at Melt and at restaurants where I've worked have been hers - and they've all been inspired by her."

In the Orchard Street shop, sandwiches are put together and prepped for orders. In the summer months when ice cream is in highest demand, more than 5,000 cookies are made. That's about 2,500 sandwiches with more than 40 gallons of ice cream!

The Classic (featuerd) and the Lovelet (red velvet meltcakes with a soft, cream cheese ice cream) are always featured on the High Line, along with monthly specials. In August the Morticia, (crackly chocolate cookies and malted chocolate rum ice cream, Julian's favorite) will make an appearance along with Elvis (peanut butter cookies with banana ice cream) so come and try 'em all.

The S'Most = Graham Cracker Cookies + Chocolate Marshmallow Ice Cream, which will be featured on the High Line during High Line Honey Day.

Visit the High Line at 30th Street and 11th Avenue to pick up one of Melt's incredible ice cream sandwiches for the perfect summer day treat.

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