Green Corps Gets Even Greener

Green Corps Leaders Tia, Alice and Susana give an update on their summer service projects

During the summer, Green Corps traded in their pens and pencils for shovels and soil. As always, summer is a perfect opportunity for Green Corps to get into nature and help out the community. They've been working on the High Line as well as at Hell's Kitchen Farm Project's rooftop farm and P.S. 33 in Chelsea.

Anwar, Diego, Hendrik, and Alice start seedlings to be donated to Hell's Kitchen Farm Project. Photo by Stephanie Wilkins.

The first location Green Corps worked on was none other than the High Line. In preparation for summer, Green Corps seeded their own edible plants on the third floor terrace at The High Line. Once the seedlings were ready, Green Corps planted them at Hell's Kitchen Farm Project's rooftop farm. All of the seedlings they took were food seedlings.

Nishat, Tia and Diego work with High Line gardeners to sift compost.

Every week, Green Corps worked alongside High Line gardeners to prune trees, sift and apply compost, dig up unnecessary roots, mulch, transplant, weed, and water the plants of the High Line. They planted more than 600 plants, including perennial herbs, grasses, flowers, and trees as well as sifted several hundred pounds of High Line compost.

Caption: Green Corps hard at work in the kiddie pool garden beds of Hell's Kitchen Farm Project. Photo by Anita Ng.

The Green Corps team also worked at the Hell's Kitchen Farm Project's rooftop farm, which is special and different in unique ways. First, the plants are edible crops, something that they have not worked with before. Second, they are grown in kiddie pools. Third, the farm is entirely run by volunteers who are dedicated to helping the community. Green Corps assisted in planting the seedlings they provided, as well as harvesting, washing, and packing produce for a food pantry.

Caption: Alice, Hendrik, Diego, and D'en weeding garden beds at P.S. 33 for both edible and educational use.

In addition, Green Corps revitalized and maintained P.S. 33's school garden by helping transplant, weed, compost, water, mulch, prune, and harvest. They have been able to learn about the plants that are growing in the beds by witnessing them grow over time. Through this work, Green Corps members have been able to apply what they learned working with the gardeners on the High Line. Not only have their abilities to identify weeds in P.S. 33 improved since working alongside the High Line gardeners, but they have also been able to apply specific skills such as composting, plant grooming, and tree pruning.

Our Partners
High Line Teen programs—part of High Line Community Engagement—are generously supported by the Ford Foundation.

TD Bank is a Supporting Sponsor of Green Corps. Major Support is provided by the Alcoa Foundation. Additional funding for Green Corps is provided by The Palette Fund.

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