Photo of the Week: Happy Holidays from the High Line

Ken Robson's Christmas Tree, January 2001 Photo by Joel Sternfeld, courtesy of Luhring Augustine, New York

Holiday spirit comes in all shapes and sizes, but it's often the smallest gestures that truly make this season special. With that in mind, we wanted to share a bit of our own High Line holiday cheer.

This beautiful image of a tiny Christmas tree glowing amongst the wild, snow-covered vegetation of the High Line was captured by photographer Joel Sternfeld in 2001. The story behind this charming holiday scene was described by Adam Gopnik in his May 2001 New Yorker piece, "A Walk on the High Line":

"… A surprise is waiting: a neatly ordered vista, among the grasses, of crocuses, daffodils, and tulips, and a dwarf maple and the smallest Christmas tree in the city, wrapped in lights. A white gangplank leads from the window of an apartment nearby onto the High Line. The apartment is rented, and the garden kept, by a designer named Ken Robson, who lives there with his elegant, nervous dachshund, Ross. Ken has been edgily walking out, pirate style, along his white gangplank high above the alley for about five years, carrying bulbs and seeds and Christmas lights and topsoil."

Happy holidays from all of us at Friends of the High Line! We hope you're bringing cheer to your corner of the world, wherever that might be.

The photo of this by Joel Sternfeld is part of his book of photos on the High Line, Walking the High Line.

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