Goodnight, High Line

Photo by @hellomw

Here's a modern day bedtime story inspired by our favorite park.

In the great big city
There was an elevated park
And a mile-and-a-half long path

And a planting bed with
Magnolia trees framed against the moon

And there were three fashionistas sitting on peel-up benches
And two West Village residents
And a pair of teens dancing

And dried grasses
And a little spring crocus
And a birch tree and a mural and a great big lawn

And a friendly gardener pruning the trees, snip, snip

Goodnight, High Line
Goodnight, moon
Goodnight, magnolia trees framed against the moon
Goodnight, mural
And the mile-and-a-half long path

Goodnight, fashionistas
Goodnight, peel-up benches
Goodnight, West Village residents
And goodnight, teens dancing

Goodnight, gardening tools
And goodnight, musicians
Goodnight, little spring crocus
And goodnight, birch trees
Goodnight, dried grasses

And goodnight, mural
Goodnight, nobody
And goodnight, great big lawn

And goodnight, friendly gardener pruning the trees, snip, snip

Goodnight, taxis
Goodnight, street lights
Good night, city sounds everywhere

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