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Brooklyn Soda Works: Rhubarb & Ginger Soda Recipe

High Line vendor Brooklyn Soda Works is known for creating delicious high quality, healthy sodas. One of their popular offerings is Rhubarb & Ginger soda since the warmth of ginger goes so well with the tartness of fresh rhubarb. Visit them on the High Line at West 16th Street, or create your own Rhubarb Ginger soda at home using this special recipe that has been adjusted for a home kitchen:

Brooklyn Soda Works Rhubarb & Ginger Soda
Makes roughly one quart

You will need:

- Half pound rhubarb

- 13ml fresh ginger juice (1 tablespoon)

- 1/3 cup of cane sugar

- Cold water

- An iSi soda siphon. If you do not have one, you can use cold, fresh seltzer.

- Strainer

- A grater for grating ginger

- Measuring container


1. Clean & trim the edges of your fresh rhubarb, then chop rhubarb into half-inch pieces

2. Grate fresh ginger then squeeze the juice out by pushing it through a strainer

3. Bring 500ml (2 cups) of water to a simmer.

4. Add rhubarb & cane sugar

5. Simmer for 20 minutes or until the rhubarb becomes soft and mushy

6. The liiquid should have reduced by roughly half or more. Strain this hot liquid through a metal strainer.

7. Add fresh ginger juice

If you have an iSi soda siphon:

1. Cool the liquid in a fridge until it is cold as possible (a few minutes in the freezer will do the trick)

2. Pour rhubarb liquid into iSi carbonation siphon, and add enough water so that you have one quart of liquid total (which is the maximum that the iSi soda siphon can hold.)

3. Pop in the CO2 cartridge to the siphon, and shake siphon for 30 seconds so that liquid absorbs the CO2.

If you do NOT have an iSi soda siphon:

1. You can reduce the rhubarb, ginger & sugar liquid further (simmer for an additional 10 minutes)

2. You now have a concentrate that you can add to one quart of cold seltzer and make your own Rhubarb & Ginger soda whenever you please.

Photo by Rowa Lee

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