Plant of the Week: Full moon tickseed

With autumn beginning to set in, we are savoring the last of the summer flowers still in bloom. One of the most eye-catching at the moment is Coreopsis 'Full Moon'. Like the Solidago caesia, Coreopsis 'Full Moon' is a member of the Aster family.

Photo by Ayinde Listhrop
The delicate, three inch wide, buttery yellow flowers are particularly eye-catching in the Meadow Walk, where they punctuate a large sweep of Korean feather reed grass. The gardener for that area, Guilherme Goncalves, has noted that it does have a tendency to spread out, leaving an exposed base. He prefers to use other plants, such as Molinia caerulea, to conceal that center point and allow the flowering extremities to peak around the blooms of the meadow grasses.

A native of Eastern North America, Coreopsis 'Full Moon' is sun loving, somewhat drought-tolerant, and thrives in rocky soils. This particular variety of Coreopsis is one of the "Big Bang Series". Bred by Darrell Probst, this series of cultivars are known for being well-branched and having a long flowering season. Here on the High Line, it has been blooming since mid-July and is still holding up.


As this perennial is able to spread by rhizome, dividing every three to four years will help keep it from taking over too much of the garden. In the meantime, pinching back will keep it controlled as well as stimulate additional blooms.


Meadow Walk (Between West 23rd and West 25th streets)

Philip A. and Lisa Maria Falcone Flyover (Between West 25th and West 28th streets)

The High Line's planting design is inspired by the self-seeded landscape that grew up between rail tracks after the trains stopped running in the 1980s. Today, the High Line includes more than 500 species of perennials, grasses, shrubs, and trees – each chosen for their hardiness, adaptability, diversity, and seasonal variation in color and texture. Some of the species that originally grew on the High Line's rail bed are reflected in the park landscape today. Every week we share one of our gardeners' current favorites with you.

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