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Auzelle Epeneter
Crocus blooms on the High LineTommasini's crocus (Crocus tommassinianus), one of the first bulbs to bloom this season. Find them on the High Line in the Washington Grasslands and Chelsea Grasslands. Photo by Friends of the High Line

Spring is one of the most special and vibrant times on the High Line. Each time you visit during the coming months, you'll discover changes in the landscape—new shoots of green among the gravel ballast, leaves spreading out along tree branches, and a continuing kaleidoscope of florals.

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Kate Lindquist

At the northern terminus of Section 2, construction crews recently hoisted a 15-by-35-foot steel frame into place. The frame is a key component of the Viewing Platform above the 30th Street Cut-Out, an area where the High Line’s concrete decking has been removed, revealing the steel gridwork of High Line beams and girders. The 30th Street Cut-Out will be one of the unique design features visitors find when Section 2 opens later this spring. 30th Street Cut-Out, thanks to The Pershing Square Foundation.

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