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Erika Harvey
Photographer Ben Thomas’ playful tilt-shift cityscapes visually evoke miniature scale models. Here, at 30 feet above the street on the High Line, the camera’s gaze looks east toward the intersection of West 23rd Street and 10th Avenue.

One of our favorite ways to stay updated on park life from the office is by skimming through the High Line Flickr Pool. Hundreds of talented professional photographers and aspiring amateurs have shared their images of park visitors and the High Line’s architecture, horticulture, and the cityscape beyond.

One recent contributor, Ben Thomas, caught our eye with his tilt-shift photographs, which trick the eye to make the High Line, and the views from it, look like miniature scale models.

Kate Lindquist
presentationHigh Line at the Rail Yards Community Meeting in December, 2011. Photo by Yoon Kim

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