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  • Section 2: Seating Steps and Lawn Come Together

    The Seating Steps and Lawn will be a central gathering spot when Section 2 opens in the spring.  Crews have finished rolling out the sod on what will be the High Line's first lawn—a 4,900 square foot swath of inviting turf in Section 2. The Lawn is located between West 22nd and West 23rd... read more
  • Section 2: The Viewing Spur Takes Shape

    The Viewing Spur's painted steel frame has arrived. Next, crews will install the glass guardrail, viewing platform, and wood benches.  If you are walking near 10th Avenue and West 26th Street, look up and you will notice a new addition to the High Line. The Viewing Spur is starting to take... read more
  • Section 2: Trees Arrive in the Chelsea Thicket

    American holly trees (Ilex opaca) were lifted onto the High Line, where they are being planted in the Chelsea Thicket. Chelsea Thicket South in memory of Janice H. Levin.   Earlier this morning, American holly trees (Ilex opaca) — the first trees to be planted in Section 2 — w... read more
  • 30th Street Access Point: Cutting Complete!

    Photograph by Tim Schenck  We love this shot by Tim Schenck of Silman Associates, the High Line’s structural engineering firm. It shows the progress, and the context, of the new access point at 30th Street, what will be the northernmost point of Section 2. Earlier: Section 2 Construction:... read more
  • Waterproofing

    Waterproofing the final sections between 20th and 22nd Streets.  This afternoon, our crews are finishing waterproofing work on the southernmost part of the High Line's Section 2, near 20th Street. Waterproofing the top layer of screed concrete will prevent standing rainwater and damage to ... read more
  • Section 2: Screed Concrete Pour!

    Workers pour screed concrete over a layer of wire mesh. Photo by Tim Schenck.  Section 2 construction is on a roll! If you visit the park and peer through the chain-link fence at 20th Street, you'll notice some work happening on the surface of the High Line in the blocks to the north. The... read more
  • Section 2 Construction: 30th Street Entrance

    New space for the 30th Street Entrance.Photo by Patrick Cullina.  The latest on the High Line's next section: the construction team recently removed FOURTEEN TONS of steel up at 30th Street to make way for the future stairs and elevator. When Section 2 opens, 30th Street will be the northe... read more
  • 2009 in Pictures

    Dear Friends, 2009 has been a remarkable year for the High Line. After spending the spring working on the final stages of construction, we opened the first section of the park in June. Since then, we estimate that nearly 2 million people have visited. We hope you were among these first visitors ... read more
  • Where Have All the Trailers Gone?

    In addition to all the shoveling the High Line staff did to keep the park open this weekend, our temporary Maintenance & Operations facility has been moved down to the southern entrance of the High Line, at street level. In order to get ready for the joining of Section 1 to Section 2 (still unde... read more
  • Section 2 Construction Update: Plank Delivery

    The pathway system's substructure at 28th Street, ready to be planked.  Even on frigid days like last Friday, with icy winds whipping off the Hudson, our construction team is busy at work building the landscape on Section 2 (20th Street to 30th Street). For weeks now, the team has been lay... read more