The High Line Blog

  • Photo of the Week: Peel-Up Benches

    Concrete bases for the peel-up benches ready for installation.  read more
  • Work Continues; Soil for Section 1 to Arrive in Early April!

    The landscaping of the High Line is one the most exciting aspects of this project. Much has been happening on site in preparation for this part of construction. On site, resident engineer LiRo and construction management team KiSKA are working with Kelco Landscaping, Inc., the landscape contrac... read more
  • Action-Packed Construction Update

    Section 1 is very busy right now as the team prepares for a delivery of soil in a few weeks. I went up this morning to take stock of all the action happening on the Line right now. Here are some highlights. Click all photos to enlarge.   Tracks are being re-installed in their original lo... read more
  • Intended and Unintended Consequences

    I made a brief visit to the construction site on Saturday. The design is really starting to take shape. We are just entering that wonderful moment in a construction process when there are enough pieces in place that you can see how they all come together; and yet, like one of those biological lea... read more
  • Planks are Delivered

    Concrete planks were delivered recently on a flatbed truck, and loaded onto the High Line at 14th Street with a crane.   Workers began installing the planks at Gansevoort Street, and are working their way north. These 12-foot-long, tapered planks will become the pathways on the High Line. ... read more
  • Planking is Installed

    Another milestone in Landscape Construction this week: Starting at the High Line's Southern end at Gansevoort Street, contractors have begun to install the park's planking system. These twelve-foot long smooth concrete planks will taper at the end, allowing plants to push up between them (and e... read more
  • Cutting the Hole for Access at Gansevoort Street

    This week, construction crews cut away two of the central beams on the High Line structure to make way for an access point at Gansevoort Street. The stairs will rise from street level, bringing the visitor in contact with the heavy steel girders and hand-driven rivets of the structure itself. ... read more