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  • Soup for the Soul: 2013 Social Soup Experiment

    Guests smile for a photo as they enjoy bean and farro soup, freshly baked bread, and apples. Photo by Liz Ligon Each year we host the Social Soup Experiment. This year, on October 19, the experiment brought a new wave of community members to eat heaping bowls of hearty bean and farro soup and j... read more
  • The Making of a Pumpkin Pie Pop with People's Pops

    Left: Joel Horowitz and David Carrell, co-owners of People’s Pops, stand at the entrance of their kitchen in Brooklyn. Right: Specialty pumpkin-pie pops with whipped cream are available on the High Line through October 27. Photo by Friends of the High Line At last, after a whole season in the f... read more
  • What Makes La Newyorkina’s Paletas So Delicious?

    Fany Gerson, owner of La Newyorkina, carefully selects jalapeños for her paletas. Photo by Friends of the High Line If anyone knows how to source and pick fruit and vegetables, it’s Fany Gerson of La Newyorkina. Her famous paletas, inspired by her upbringing in Mexico and her culinary training ... read more
  • Play with Your Food: People's Pops

    David Carrell, co-founder of People's Pops, teaches children how to freeze their own pops using a rare pop-making instrument from Thailand. Photo by Rowa Lee Good friends Nathalie Jordi, Joel Horowitz, and David Carrell founded People’s Pops with the idea that every good popsicle is made with l... read more
  • A Look Inside Blue Bottle Coffee's Roastery

    A Blue Bottle Coffee employee holds up roasted beans. Photo by Friends of the High Line   Holding ourselves to a higher standard is essential here at the High Line, and this commitment is reflected in the food and drink we serve on the park. This week, we headed into Brooklyn to Blue Bottl... read more
  • Share A Meal: Seasonal Farro Salad Recipe from Terroir at The Porch

    Photo by Rowa Lee Fall is on its way, and with the change of leaves comes a new recipe inspired by autumn’s bounty. This month, we’re presenting Terroir at The Porch’s Seasonal Farro Salad with sugar snap peas, carrots, onions, and farro. Dress this delicious salad with olive oil, red wine vine... read more
  • Share A Meal: Fresh Tomatillo Salsa Recipe from The Taco Truck

    Photo by Rowa Lee On the High Line, our food vendors are always rotating their menus inspired by the changing seasons. Celebrate the final days of summer with The Taco Truck’s Fresh Tomatillo Salsa recipe, which will add a hint of acid and spice to your late summer meals. This delicious salad c... read more
  • In the Middle of a Delicious Season of High Line Food

    Photos by: (First row from left) Jenna Saraco, Rowa Lee, Nicole Franzen; (Second row from left) Friends of the High Line, Nicole Franzen, Friends of the High Line; (Third row from left) Nicole Franzen, Ed Anderson courtesy of Ten Speed Press Publications, Rowa Lee. We’re halfway through a delicio... read more
  • Faces Behind the Food: Caroline Mak of Brooklyn Soda Works

    Incorporating elements of the emerging microbrewery scene in New York City and drink traditions from Hong Kong, Brooklyn Soda Works has revolutionized the conventional soda. In this week's installment of Faces Behind the Food, co-owner Caroline Mak tells us about her internationally-inspired ... read more
  • High Line and Brooklyn Grange Host Honey Day

    The High Line and Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm recently hosted Honey Day, an annual family-friendly event that educates participants about the important role of the honeybee. Through fun activities, honey tastings, and an open market featuring local beekeepers’ crafts and honey, participants di... read more