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The High Line Blog

  • Make It Sweet!

    Top 5 Reasons to Come to Make it Sweet!

    During Make It Sweet! on Saturday, July 23, you can enjoy a whole day of family fun on the High Line: get your hands dirty in our mobile garden, create a large-scale art installation with an artist, hear stories from everyone's favorite librarian, design custom-made structures with the Chil... read more
  • Families on the High Line: Learning from Nature

    How do you use the High Line as a family? Is it a place to relax and reconnect? An opportunity to look closely at plants and animals in the heart of the city? A source of creativity? The High Line inspires teachers, storytellers, and artists every day, and each month we are inviting them to s... read more
  • Learning on the Line: First Grade Park Study

    In the fall, our first grade Social Studies curriculum looks at parks and why they're important to the community. We go on field trips to different parks around NYC, and this year we were fortunate enough to have a partnership with Friends of the High Line. Our Social Studies Park Unit was... read more
  • Interactive Performances

    Families on the Line: Interactive Performances

    How do you use the High Line as a family? Is it a place to relax and reconnect? An opportunity to look closely at plants and animals in the heart of the city? A source of creativity? Children create art projects during a family program. Photo credit: Liz Ligon. The High Line inspires ... read more
  • Learning on the High Line

    Learning on the Line: How Field Trips Enrich Classroom Teaching

    Since 2009, Friends of the High Line has welcomed more than 21,000 students on field trips. Students come from all over the New York City area; some visit the park weekly, and others don't even know there is a park above their heads when they first arrive. Field trips are key components of a well... read more
  • Celebrating High Line Kids Programming

    Every July and August, Kids programs take over the High Line, offering families a chance to build, create and experiment in the park, thanks to the generous support of our funders. This summer, more than 2,500 children and adults attended Wild Wednesday, Arty Hours,and Lawn Time for Little One... read more
  • High line honey day 2015 list image

    High Line Honey Day 2015

    In celebration of honey and summer, Friends of the High Line and Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm invite you to our very own High Line Honey Day on Wednesday, July 29, to explore the world of honeybees and learn about the contributions they make to our planet's food production. With bee-themed educat... read more
  • Field trips allow students to travel back in time on the high line list image

    Field Trips Allow Students to Travel Back in Time on the High Line

    High Line Educator Karen Lew Biney-Amissah shares historic documents with field trip visitors. Photo by Rowa Lee. Guided field trips on the park have long been a highlight and a unique educational opportunity for local students. We're proud to share that during the past fall and spring seasons, m... read more
  • Halloween on the High Line

    10th Avenue Square was transformed into a pumpkin patch, presided over by Princess Neftaly Garcia, High Line Education Leader (right). Photos by Rowa Lee On Saturday, October 26, 2,500 kids and adults joined us for the third-annual Haunted High Line Halloween celebration. Families came in costu... read more
  • My High Line: Neftaly Garcia

    The My High Line video series highlights the many uses of the High Line and the people who call it their own. In this installment, meet Neftaly Garcia, a promising young educator who has worked in many capacities on the High Line’s public programs. Join us after the jump to discover her H... read more