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  • Joshua David, Friends of the High Line Podcast

    Podcast: Discover Sites & Sounds of NYC’s Park in the Sky with Co-Founder Joshua David

    Friends of the High Line Co-Founder Joshua David. Photo by Liz Ligon. We invite you to listen to a unique podcast featuring Friends of the High Line Co-Founder Joshua David as he revisits favorite neighborhood sites and reflects on his memories about the High Line. After Josh steppe... read more
  • High line honey day 2015 list image

    High Line Honey Day 2015

    In celebration of honey and summer, Friends of the High Line and Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm invite you to our very own High Line Honey Day on Wednesday, July 29, to explore the world of honeybees and learn about the contributions they make to our planet's food production. With bee-themed educat... read more
  • Helping to Restore a Community Garden

    Local gardener Tari Stubblefield surveys the restored community garden. Photo by Liz Ligon This past April, High Line horticultural staff, volunteers, and teens in our Green Corps program helped local gardener Tari Stubblefield restore a garden at the Fulton Houses in Chelsea. The ... read more
  • Get Your Skate On: The Standard’s Ice Rink Is Back!

    The Standard, High Line's ice skating rink is now open. Image by Reza Courtesy The Standard, High Line  Our friends at The Standard, High Line have brought back what has quickly become a favorite winter tradition: the ice skating rink below the park! Stop by to show off your skills and ... read more
  • Neighborhood News: The Standard, New York Opens a New Restaurant

    If you love food, it’s never been a better time to stop by the High Line. This season marks the first time that we are offering both sweet and savory food on the park itself, and we just got word that our friends over at The Standard, New York have opened a new seasonal outdoor restaurant belo... read more
  • Homeless Museum Comes Up to the High Line

    We are pleased to welcome the Homeless Museum of Art to the High Line. The museum, also called HoMu for short, is an performance created by New York-based artist Filip Noterdaeme. Since its inception in 2002, the work has existed in a state of perpetual flux. It has been a live-in museum in ... read more
  • A Play on Voyeurism

    Hyemi Cho’s portraits peek out of the windows of neighboring apartment buildings and playfully engage High Line visitors. Photo by Meg Kinney.  High Line visitors are often surprised to see smiling faces gazing back at them, and even waving, from the windows of neighboring buildings toward... read more
  • Food Architecture: Gingerbread High Line

    An edible High Line made of gingerbread, frosting, and festive winter plants is now on view at Cookshop.  Edible High Lines are the new trend this holiday season. You can find the latest creation at Cookshop, a favorite neighborhood restaurant located on the corner of 10th Avenue and We... read more
  • Ice Skating Below the High Line

    The Standard Ice Rink is now open below the High Line at West 13th Street. Photo by Chris Mosier  There is a new ice-skating venue below the High Line. The Standard Ice Rink is now open! This is the second year that our friends at The Standard, New York have brought the rink to the High ... read more
  • The Billboard Chronicles: Art, Sex, and Everything in Between

    Throughout the month of August, billboards along the High Line displayed public art, sexy ads, and more. Photo by Friends of the High Line  First David Beckham showed us his underwear. Then the Armani chicks flaunted their sexy bodies in bathing suits. Earlier this month, Larry Flynt got ... read more