The High Line Blog

  • Meet the Co-Founders and Get Your Book Signed

    Planning to give a copy of our new book, High Line: The Inside Story of New York City’s Park in the Sky, as a holiday gift? Join us this week to get the book signed by the authors, Joshua David and Robert Hammond. The High Line Co-Founders will be at Charles Nolan on Thursday, December 8 and... read more
  • PHOTOS: Explosive Dance Performance on the High Line

    Below The Standard, New York, dancers in boldly colored costumes do acrobatic kicks as part of Half-Mythical, Half-Legendary Americanism. Photo by Liz Ligon.  On November 12 and 14, visitors gathered to watch dancers in brightly colored costumes jump, run, kick, and cartwheel along the ... read more
  • Field Trip: A Look at Philadelphia's Reading Viaduct

    Friends of the High Line staff take a tour of the Reading Viaduct with members of the non-profit group dedicated to creating a public park in the space, Viaduct Greene. Photo by Rick Darke.  New York City is not the only urban center in the United States with an elevated railway like the H... read more
  • First Signs of Spring on the High Line

    Tommasini's crocus (Crocus tommassinianus), one of the first bulbs to bloom this season. Find them on the High Line in the Washington Grasslands and Chelsea Grasslands. Photo by Friends of the High Line  Spring is one of the most special and vibrant times on the High Line. Each time you v... read more
  • Video: First High Line-Commissioned Dance Performance

    Very soon, we'll announce the High Line's 2011 spring and summer calendar, full of free and low-cost events for people of all ages. To give you a taste of what kinds of special events you can expect, here's a new video highlighting one of our favorites from last year—our very first com... read more
  • Get the Scoop about the High Line Youth Corps

    Hyisheem, me and Kylah on a tour of Section 2. We were members of the High Line Youth Corps last year. Photo by Friends of the High Line  This special blog comes to you from Juwan Stone, who, with Kylah Bruno and Hyisheem Calier, served as a member of the High Line Youth Corps last year. H... read more
  • Video: The Camera Betrays You

    We're starting off our week with this beautiful, schizophrenic video of a day-long dance sequence during the fall. Inspired by the High Line, and created using nearly 10,000 photographs, the result has what its creators, Mark O'Maley and Liz Staruch, describe as a "flip book" feeling to it. ... read more
  • Removing Ice from the High Line

    Pathways in the Chelsea Grasslands, covered in a sheet of thick ice. Photo by Friends of the High Line  This week's freezing rain storms have blanketed the High Line's pathways with a thick sheet of ice, requiring us to close the High Line in the interest of visitor safety. The eleva... read more
  • Opening the High Line after Sunday's Blizzard

    High Line staff began clearing the park's paths before sunrise. They worked throughout the morning until we could open to the public.  Prepping the High Line for opening after Sunday's blizzard was no easy feat. Our Maintenance & Operations staff arrived at 4:30 AM this morning, before da... read more
  • Faces on the High Line

    New York City attracts all types, and the High Line is no exception. People-watching is one of our favorite activities while reclining on the lounge chairs on Diller-von Furstenberg Sundeck, or eating lunch in the 10th Avenue Square. You hear all kinds of accents and languages, and se... read more