The High Line Blog

  • Wandering Band on the High Line

    The Chelsea Grasslands as imagined with Wandering Band musicians. Original Photo By Rik Panganiban and Adapted By Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria.  Because the High Line was designed to be an open space for all people to enjoy, and because art, in general, makes our brains happy, we're looki... read more
  • SALE! Special Discounts to Celebrate Our One-Year Anniversary

    High Line Discount Sale! Coupon Code: "BIRTHDAY2010" On Wednesday, June 9, Friends of the High Line will celebrate the park's one-year anniversary. It's hard to believe the park opened just one year ago. In its first year, more than two million people have visited the High Line, making it a fav... read more
  • A Magic Combo: WFMU & the High Line

    Here's a special treat for your Friday afternoon: a photo recap of our first live broadcast on the High Line. WFMU on the High Line. This past Memorial Day, WFMU's DJ/rupture and DJ Trent broadcast live from the southern end of the High Line beneath The Standard Hotel. The music was accompani... read more
  • New Plants for the 14th Street Beds

    High Line gardeners Howard Wai and Maryanne Stubbs at work in the planting beds near 14th Street.  The High Line has been open for nearly a year. After observing the plantings over the past 12 months, we were able to assess where improvements could be made, and one of these spaces is a sm... read more
  • A Free Pop-Up Playground for Kids on the High Line

    A play structure designed by kids using "Imagination Playground in a box." Photo by Talisman Photo.  If you have kids, you know creativity, active playing, and free thinking are all crucial elements for developing minds. Imagination Playground, built on this idea, will be on the High Lin... read more
  • High Line Art: Richard Galpin's Viewing Station

    A rendering by the artist. Later this evening, Friends of the High Line will debut Richard Galpin’s Viewing Station, a new interactive public art exhibit that offers abstracted views of buildings and streetscapes adjacent to the High Line. Viewing Station invites park visitors to peek into a vi... read more
  • May Blooms: Sage, Stonecrop, Shooting Star, and More!

    'Mount Everest' onion (Allium 'Mount Everest') in bloom in near the 10th Avenue Square. Photo by Joan Garvin.  May promises to be an excellent month to view blooms on the High Line. With all the mild, sunny weather, expect to see a variety of different blooms taking off every week. Chec... read more
  • Spring Cutback in Review

    Daffodil blooms emerging on the High Line.  The first spring has arrived on the High Line. If you have visited the park recently, you may have noticed that the landscape looks completely different than it did two months ago. The sun and mild temperatures have charmed the spring blooms ou... read more
  • Saving the Environment, One Snip at a Time

    Donated compost material. Nearly 40,000 grasses, perennials, trees, and shrubs inhabit Section 1 of the High Line, and each plant gets cut back in the spring to allow for new growth. Instead of treating the clippings as garbage, our gardeners have been busy developing ways to reuse them. We re... read more
  • The High Line Celebrates its 2,000,000th Visitor!

    Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, Co-Founder Joshua David, Congressman Jerrold Nadler, Zach Hauser, City Planning Commission Chair Amanda Burden, and Lexi Hauser plant an eastern redbud tree in the Gansevoort Woodland. Photo by Joan Garvin  Earlier today we welcomed our 2,000,000th visito... read more