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  • Photo of the week seasonal flora on the northern spur preserve list image

    Photo of the Week: Seasonal Flora on the Northern Spur Preserve

    Seasonal flora on the Northern Spur Preserve. Photo by Steven SeveringhausWe are so often delighted by High Line Photographer Steven Severinghaus 's ability to capture the changing seasons in the park’s gardens. There’s no better vantage point from which to observe the transitions of the foliage ... read more
  • Photo of the week hummingbird moth list image

    Photo of the Week: Hummingbird Moth

    A snowberry clearwing moth, commonly known as a hummingbird moth, sips nectar from a prairie sage bloom on the High Line. Photo by Steven SeveringhausThe High Line’s gardens aren’t just visited and appreciated by people, there are also a host of six- and eight-legged bugs who drop by. You’ll find... read more
  • Photo of the week summer list image

    Photo of the Week: Summer!

    A busy day in the 10th Avenue Square. Photo by Eddie CrimminsThis summer has seemed to fly by! If you’re anything like us, you’re thrilled to soak up every last drop of sunshine this September, as thoughts turn to cooler fall temperatures.The 10th Avenue Square, captured here by High Line Photogr... read more
  • Photo of the week a landscape in transition list image

    Photo of the Week: A Landscape in Transition

    In the Washington Grasslands – as in other parts of the park – the bright colors of summer flowers are fading and the golden autumn tones of grasses are beginning to take over the landscape. Photo by Steven SeveringhausThe breeze has taken on a crisp edge, the earthy green scent of prairie dropse... read more
  • Photo of the Week: Young Green Thumbs

    In this week’s Photo of the Week, two High Line Horticulture Interns Sarah Ruiz (left) and Raquel Rosado (right) pose proudly with High Line Horticulture Educator Gahl Shottan (center) next to an edible garden they helped plant and tend at Public School 33. We’ve chosen to feature this photo t... read more
  • Photo of the Week: Winter Wildlife

    A Northern Mockingbird discovers delicious berries on the High Line’s winter landscape. Photo by Matt MacGillivray  High Line Flickr Pool contributor Matt MacGillivray captured this stunning photo of a Northern Mockingbird feeding on the vibrant red berries of Red Sprite winterberry holly... read more
  • Photo of the Week: Winter Seed Heads

    The seed heads of plants past their prime are beautiful in their winter state. The High Line’s perennials are intentionally left by our gardeners to overwinter naturally, and won’t be cut back until spring. Photos by Juan Valentin The landscape design of the High Line is inspired by the self... read more
  • Photo of the Week: Winter Geometry

    Soft dried grasses along the High Line contrast with the hard architectural lines of a neighboring building. Photo by Herve Dulongcourty  High Line Flickr Pool contributor Herve Dulongcourty visited the High Line on a chilly day in November and snapped this interesting geometric perspectiv... read more
  • Photo of the Week: Winter Day

    A December scene in the 10th Avenue Square, as seen from below. Photo by Alan Greig  In late December, High Line Flickr Pool contributor Alan Greig captured this beautiful photo of visitors peering out from the 10th Avenue Square as part of his black and white series of images of the neig... read more
  • Photo of the Week: Wild Wednesday Butterfly Release

    On Wednesday, we invited kids and their caretakers to release butterflies into the park’s planting beds, and watch as they spread their wings to take their first flight. Photo by Rowa Lee  This week, young participants at Wild Wednesdays in August to learn about nature’s composters: worm... read more