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  • Photo of the week snowdrops list image

    Photo of the Week: Snowdrops

    Photo by Steven SeveringhausIn spring, every fresh shoot of green that pops up and every delicate flower that blossoms is a reminder that warm weather is right around the corner – even if the forecast seems to disagree. The High Line is home to a variety of early bloomers that brighten up the oth... read more
  • Photo of the week seasonal transitions list image

    Photo of the Week: Seasonal Transitions

    Photos by Melissa MansurWhile tomorrow's forecast is a blustery throwback to this winter's snowy fury, don't worry, spring – and all the delights it brings – is here to stay. Friends of the High Line's largest horticultural undertaking Spring Cutback kicked off this week, and we've officially spo... read more
  • Photo of the week 23rd and tenth list image

    Photo of the Week: 23rd and Tenth

    Photographer David Goodman's photo essay 23rd and Tenth is a visual diary of sorts – a daily record of one corner, shot from the same High Line vantage point. The idea is simple, and the results are beautiful. Two years into the project and hundreds of images later, Goodman has no plans of stoppi... read more
  • Photo of the week winter sunbathing list image

    Photo of the Week: Winter Sunbathing

    Photo by Steven SeveringhausThis week The New York Times said what we've all been thinking: winter is getting old. This season has been a harsh one, and though we may be dreaming about the coming spring, the bright beauty of winter is undeniable. This image by High Line photographer Steven Severi... read more
  • Photo of the week the sun a spark list image

    Photo of the Week: The Sun a Spark

    If you'd like to steal a quiet moment on the High Line, now is the time to do it. Brave the bitter cold, and your reward is a nearly empty park in the sky.Winter is a season that offers us many brief periods – and even a few long stretches – of tranquility. High Line Photographer Eddie Crimmins h... read more
  • Photos of the week what good is winter list image

    Photos of the Week: What Good Is Winter?

    Photo by Timothy Schenck Oh, winter. For three, four, sometimes five months you freeze us, pelt us with hail, and bury us under mountains of snow. Snow that, within hours of hitting the New York City pavement, becomes brown, foot-drenching slush. With the holidays behind us, what good is winter?T... read more
  • Photo of the week common crossings at 24th street list image

    Photo of the Week: Common Crossings at 24th Street

    Photo by Phil Vachon The High Line takes on a different personality in the colder months of the year. In this beautiful photo by High Line Photographer Phil Vachon, the golden tones of Korean feather reed grass complement the rusty hues of Marianne Vitale’s High Line Commission, Co... read more
  • Photo of the week evening primrose list image

    Photo of the Week: Evening Primrose

    Photo by Steven SeveringhausIt’s hard to believe that the High Line at the Rail Yards opened just a few short months ago. It has been exciting to watch the transition of the seasons roll through for the first time, from summer to fall, and now to winter and our first snowfall.One of my favorite p... read more
  • Photo of the week dried grasses at the rail yards list image

    Photo of the Week: Dried Grasses at the Rail Yards

    Photo by Phil VachonBrrrr – it’s chilly on the High Line! High Line Photographer Phil Vachon captured this beautiful winter view of the park in the recently opened High Line at the Rail Yards section. This particular photo was taken just past 11th Avenue on 30th Street, looking east. This combina... read more
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    Photo(s) of the Week: Snow!

    A view of the lower Sundeck following a snowfall last winter. Photo by Gigi Altarejos This week saw New York City’s first snowfall of the season. While the light dusting left little to be captured on film by the time the sun was shining, it was our operations crew’s first call to ... read more