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The High Line at the Rail Yards, between 11th Avenue and 34th Street, will be closed through Wednesday, May 6, 2015, for repairs to the Interim Walkway. Thank you for your patience.

The High Line Blog

  • Photo of the week trees in bloom list image

    Photo of the Week: Trees in Bloom

    Photo by Eddie CrimminsThroughout the streets and gardens of New York City, trees are in full bloom. This week, particularly in the park's "forested" areas – along the southernmost section of the park (pictured here), the Chelsea Thicket, and Philip A. and Lisa Maria Falcone Flyover – spring is m... read more
  • Elevated eats l arte del gelato list image

    Elevated Eats: L’Arte Del Gelato

    For our first installment of Elevated Eats we followed our good friends at L'Arte del Gelato through the process of making some of the best gelato in town. Each small batch is produced by hand in their "laboratorio" below Chelsea Market on 9th Avenue, and brought daily to their popular location o... read more
  • Photo of the week hudson river overlook list image

    Photo of the Week: Hudson River Overlook

    Photos by Stephanie WilkinsThe Hudson River Overlook, on the High Line between West 14th and West 15th Streets, is the perfect place to enjoy the end of a beautiful spring day.In addition to boasting its own plantings – including the still-skeletal frames of sumac trees who've yet to leaf out for... read more
  • Photo of the week dawn viburnum list image

    Photo of the Week: Dawn viburnum

    Photo by Rick DarkePhotographer, landscape ethicist, author, and lecturer Rick Darke is a multi-talented person who has touched the work of Friends of the High Line in so many ways over the years. He has documented the railway in photos since weeds were growing wild along the tracks. He has given... read more
  • Photo of the week the sun will come out tomorrow list image

    Photo of the Week: Here Comes the Sun

    Photo by Juan ValentinHappy Friday, NYC!If this grey gloomy week got you down, remember: the sun will come out tomorrow! The weekend forecast looks to be sunny and in the 60s both Saturday and Sunday. Not sure what to do to make the most of it? Let us share with you a few ways you can enjoy sprin... read more
  • Spring cutback finished in record time list image

    Spring Cutback 2015 Wraps in Record Time!

    Photo by Liz Ligon.Despite a late start this year, we are finishing Cutback 2015 in record time. The gardening staff is attending to a few last cuts and snips, but thanks to our dedicated and hard-working volunteers, this year was a breeze. We collected more than 65 cubic yards of debris from th... read more
  • Photo of the week the high line after dark list image

    Photo of the Week: The High Line After Dark

    Photo by Andrew FraszApril 1 marked the beginning of the High Line's spring hours, with the park being open until 10:00 PM. The revised hours offer an opportunity to discover another side of the High Line.The High Line and the surrounding cityscape take on a new personality after dark: lights fli... read more
  • Photo of the week snowdrops list image

    Photo of the Week: Spring Blooms

    Photo by Steven SeveringhausIn spring, every fresh shoot of green that pops up and every delicate flower that blossoms is a reminder that warm weather is right around the corner – even if the forecast seems to disagree. The High Line is home to a variety of early bloomers that brighten up the oth... read more
  • Spring cutback begins list image

    Spring Cutback Begins

    Volunteers and staff spent the first day of Spring Cutback in the Rail Yards, cutting back the plant beds for the first time. After a two-week delay (thanks, winter!) we were excited to get started in the northernmost section of the park. Photo by Liz Ligon.This week we began to trim back the dri... read more
  • Photo of the week seasonal transitions list image

    Photo of the Week: Seasonal Transitions

    Photos by Melissa MansurWhile tomorrow's forecast is a blustery throwback to this winter's snowy fury, don't worry, spring – and all the delights it brings – is here to stay. Friends of the High Line's largest horticultural undertaking Spring Cutback kicked off this week, and we've officially spo... read more