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  • Plant of the Week: The Big Four

    To kick off our September celebration of the Chelsea Grasslands, this week we are featuring a classic collection of prairie grasses, commonly called "The Big Four." All four grasses are found along the High Line, although only three are used in the Chelsea Grasslands planting: Andropogon ge... read more
  • The Taco Truck: Fresh Tomatillo Salsa Recipe

    High Line vendor The Taco Truck is known for their authentic Mexican street food. Visit them on the High Line or create your own fresh tomatillo salsa using their special recipe.Tomatillos are a key ingredient in Mexican cuisine. Their combination of acidity and spice complements the summertime p... read more
  • Green Council’s Green Thumb: Green All Around

    Throughout the summer, Green Council has made many accomplishments at various community gardens. We worked at Cultivate HKNY's rooftop garden in Hell's Kitchen, Wanaqua Garden in the Bronx, and P.S 33 Chelsea Prep. What made this summer so special was that each of the gardens had its own unique i... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Blackberry lily

    When I started gardening my backyard in Brooklyn, a friend gave me blackberry lily seeds. I planted them and soon forgot they were there. Other plants grew and grew, overshadowing the lilies, and because they had been shaded, they didn't bloom. Later, I started gardening here at the High Line,... read more
  • ​This September, Help Us Celebrate the Chelsea Grasslands

    Friends of the High Line is celebrating the Chelsea Grasslands section of the High Line this September—and you're invited. All month long, we're hosting a series of events to showcase this special area of the park between West 18th and West 20th Streets, which was inspired by the tallgr... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Purple love grass

    One of our more subtle grasses, Eragrostis spectabilis, has reached its prime season on the High Line. At 12 to 18 inches tall, this clump-forming perennial grass tends to be an inconspicuous presence in the garden until it begins to flower in August when its splayed red to purple infloresc... read more
  • Families on the High Line: Learning Through Movement

    How do you use the High Line as a family? Is it a place to relax and reconnect? An opportunity to look closely at plants and animals in the heart of the city? A source of creativity? The High Line inspires teachers, storytellers, and artists every day, and each month we are inviting them t... read more
  • Stargazing Date Night on the High Line

    Looking for something unique to do with your date or a group of friends? On August 16, skip the overpriced restaurant and join us for Stargazing Date Night on the High Line. Thanks to the Amateur Astronomers Association, visitors can join us weekly to stargaze during their stroll in... read more
  • The Best of ¡Arriba! 2016

    Join us as we reflect on the 2016 season of one of our most popular summer programs—the ¡Arriba!: Latin Dance Party. Drawing thousands of revelers, this year's installments of Friends of the High Line's beloved ¡Arriba! series were the energy-packed parties that nobody wanted to miss. Eac... read more
  • Gardening in the Sky: Maintaining a Sense of the Wild

    In the last Gardening in the Sky post I discussed how human activity often defines urban plant communities. To some extent, the reverse is also true: the wild plant communities that originally grew on the High Line inform both the design and maintenance of our current gardens. The High Line... read more