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The third section of the High Line, from 30th to 34th Streets, will be closed to park visitors from Tuesday, February 9, to Tuesday, February 23, due to an ongoing construction project. The High Line south of 30th Street will be accessible to visitors during this time.

The High Line Blog

  • Week Three of Spring Cutback

    On Monday, more than 20 volunteers came out to help the High Line Gardeners tackle the densely planted Chelsea Grasslands. Photo by Mike Tschappat  We're approaching the end of Spring Cutback, an annual endeavor to trim back more than 100,000 plants along the High Line to make room for ne... read more
  • Photo of the Week: Northern Spur Preserve

    This GIF shows the Northern Spur Preserve, on the High Line at West 16th Street, at three different times during the late winter and early spring seasons. Photos by Melissa Mansur  It’s difficult to believe that Spring Cutback is nearly finished! Later this week High Line Gardeners and vol... read more
  • Behind Pan's Kilt

    Whether semi- or fully nude, Pan delighted visitors from all over the world during his time on the High Line. Photo by Timothy Schenck  Pan, a mischievous-looking satyr, has been charming visitors from his perch at Gansevoort Street for nearly a year. Created by artist Sean Landers, the sc... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Miss Vain Crocus

    Sunbathers will flock to the 23rd Street Lawn when it opens to visitors in May. But "right now, the Lawn is covered with a different type of sunbather – the Miss Vain crocus," says High Line Gardener Maeve Turner, who works year-round to keep this space healthy. The High Line’s planting... read more
  • Our Second Week of Spring Cutback

    Despite the steely gray sky, we relished the opportunity to get our (gloved) hands dirty during Wednesday's all-staff Spring Cutback. We’ve completed our second week of Spring Cutback, reaching the halfway point in our effort to shear back more than 100,000 plants along the High Line. As we tr... read more
  • Photo of the Week: Spring Colors

    A male cardinal perches atop one of the High Line’s birch trees. Photo by Steven Severinghaus This week High Line Gardeners and volunteers continued to work to trim back dried grasses along the High Line and visitors rejoiced at every new colorful crocus that popped up. And it turns out that i... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Leadplant

    Leadplant is a deciduous subshrub that grows throughout the High Line. Photo by Friends of the High Line The High Line’s planting design is inspired by the self-seeded landscape that grew up between rail tracks after the trains stopped running in the 1980s. Today, the High Line includes more... read more
  • Spring Cutback Begins

    The sight of all these bright green buckets dotting our planting beds means winter is on its way out. Photo by Liz Ligon On Monday we began to trim back the dried grasses and striking seed heads that added beauty and texture to our gardens this long winter. This annual horticultural endeavor, c... read more
  • Photo of the Week: Last Weeks of ‘Busted’

    Steven Claydon’s sculpture, UNLIMITEDS & LIMITERS, is obscured by the dried grasses of the High Line’s winter landscape. Photo by Steven Severinghaus From the lifelike Human Statue (Jessie) to the humorous Nose Job to the perplexing Number One (from the series Heroes on the Run), the temporary ... read more
  • Celebrating the Crocus, Wild Harbinger of Spring

    Do your worst, weather forecast. These petite blooms are a sure sign that spring is near. Photo by Barry Munger  After enduring months of bitter     read more