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  • Rail Yards Weekends: Photo, Video, and More!

    A final look at the High Line at the Rail Yards before construction begins. Clockwise from upper right, photos by Beverly Israely, Liz Ligon, Liz Ligon  The High Line’s final section is currently closed to visitors, but earlier this month more than 1,600 people explored the final stretch ... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Cutleaf staghorn sumac

    Cutleaf Staghorn sumac is just one of several varieties of sumac grown at the High Line. Sumac trees are known for their brilliant fall foliage. Photo by Steven Severinghaus  The High Line’s planting design is inspired by the self-seeded landscape that grew up between rail tracks after th... read more
  • Photo of the Week: A Bird's-Eye View of the High Line

    This beautiful aerial photo gives a different perspective of the High Line and the surrounding city. Photo by Melissa Mansur  High Line Photographer Melissa Mansur captured this amazing rainy day aerial photo of the High Line during an openhousenewyork tour at The Standard, New York last... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Tartarian Aster

    Tartarian aster is just one of the many varieties of aster you’ll find in bloom at the High Line this season. The plants’ distinctive lavender blooms are a sure sign that autumn has arrived at the park.  The High Line’s planting design is inspired by the self-seeded landscape that grew u... read more
  • Photo of the Week: Conversations at Sunset

    Crisp fall evenings are the perfect time to relax on the High Line. Photo by Rich Li-Chi Wang  High Line Flickr Pool contributor Rich Li-Chi Wang captured this magical moment at sunset on the High Line. Looking west from the High Line under The Standard, New York, visitors chat while wat... read more
  • A Culinary Celebration in Support of the High Line

    Our signature fall fundraiser, hosted at Colicchio & Sons, featured food and drink from the neighborhood's best chefs. Photos by Liz Ligon  We would like to thank Tom Colicchio of Colicchio & Sons for partnering with Friends of the High Line to present our third annual High Line Chefs Din... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Gibraltar Bush Clover

    With cascading branches containing pea-like blooms, Gibraltar bush clover is a visitor favorite at this time of year on the High Line.   The High Line’s planting design is inspired by the self-seeded landscape that grew up between rail tracks after the trains stopped running in the 1980s. ... read more
  • Meet Deb Berman, Our High Line Art Intern

    Deb Berman, High Line Art's invaluable intern, installing a test filmstrip this past summer for artist Jennifer West's performance One Mile Parkour Film. Photo courtesy Friends of the High Line.  This week we bid farewell to Deb Berman, our invaluable High Line Art intern. A recent graduat... read more
  • Photography: Autumn on the High Line

    Summer blooms may be fading, but brilliant fall foliage is right around the corner. Photo by Juan Valentin  It’s officially fall in New York City! With more than 1,500 contributors, the High Line Flickr Pool gathers some of the best photographs of the park. The images are displayed in a... read more
  • High Line Community Engagement in ‘Chelsea Now’

    Pick up a copy from one of the stands along 10th Avenue, or follow us after the jump to read the article. Photo by Rowa Lee  Last month we introduced you to Erycka Montoya Perez, our new Community Engagement Manager at Friends of the High Line. One of our favorite local newspapers, Chelsea... read more