The High Line Blog

  • Latest HIGH LINE BILLBOARD by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari for Toilet Paper

    On May 31st the corner of West 18th Street and 10th Avenue received a colorful new addition to the Edison Properties billboard. Untitled is the latest edition on HIGH LINE BILLBOARD, a series of commissions by High Line Art for the large billboard next to the park at West 18th Street. It was ... read more
  • High Line Live! The Sleeping Beauty on the High Line

    This special High Line Live! performance turned the High Line at Little West 13th Street into an open theater at sunset. Photo by Julienne Schaer  This week we kicked off High Line Live! – our new program series that brings live theater, performance, and music to the park, thanks to the ge... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Young Lady Smokebush

    Young Lady smokebush, Cotinus coggygria 'Young Lady, is a very distinctive plant named for its resemblance to billowing smoke.  The High Line’s planting design is inspired by the self-seeded landscape that grew up between rail tracks after the trains stopped running in the 1980s. Today, ... read more
  • Plant of the Week: Foxtail lilies

    Two varieties of foxtail lilies are currently blooming at the High Line. Above Eremurus stenophyllus adds bright yellow color to the landscape on the High Line near West 18th Street. Photo by Patrick Cullina.  The High Line’s planting design is inspired by the self-seeded landscape that g... read more
  • Last Chance to See Sarah Sze’s Sculpture on the High Line

    Like other art on the High Line, Sarah Sze’s sculpture is a temporary installation. Photo by Sarah Sze.  This week we bid farewell to Sarah Sze’s Still Life with Path (Model for Habitat), the intricate sculpture flanking the High Line’s pathway at West 21st Street. Emerging from the p... read more
  • VIDEO: Robert’s Commencement Address at The New School

    "Instead of a daily sales goal, I reversed the normal rules of the game and developed a daily rejection goal. If I wasn’t getting rejected, I wasn’t trying hard enough. If I got a lot of rejections, I made my goal… Sometimes rejection can be a good teacher, and sometimes you almost need to s... read more
  • Tomorrow: Watch the Transit of Venus from the High Line

    Stop by the High Line tomorrow at sunset to catch the Transit of Venus – an astronomical event in which the planet Venus will pass before the Sun, as seen here in an image from 2004. Photo by NASA.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that the rain and clouds will break for tomorrow’s sta... read more
  • Park Update: Southern End of the High Line Now Open

    Earlier this morning, a three-block portion of the High Line was temporarily closed to allow emergency responders to investigate a small construction accident at a nearby work site. The NYC Fire Department and NYC Department of Buildings have determined that the High Line sustained no damage and... read more
  • New Gelati for the High Line Made with Locally-Sourced Milk

    L'Arte del Gelato's frozen treats combine a variety of high-quality ingredients including the recent addition of milk from Battenkill Valley Creamery. Photos: top by Lou Manna, courtesy of L'Arte del Gelato; bottom courtesy of Battenkill Valley Creamery.  High Line Food is committed to wo... read more
  • Introducing Ronnit, Our New Vice President of Horticulture & Park Operations

    Ronnit Bendavid-Val brings over a decade of experience managing New York City parks to her new position at the High Line  The High Line is meant to look like a wild landscape, but it requires an extraordinary amount of work to maintain the plant life and keep the park clean and welcoming ... read more