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  • March 31 at City Hall - Save the High Line at the Rail Yards, Get a Free T-Shirt!

    Please note the new date: this hearing is now scheduled for Tuesday, March 31. This City Council hearing is an important step in the public review process for the rail yards and, therefore, for the future of the High Line. It  will be a critical opportunity to show the City, State and developer... read more
  • The High Line in Bloom: Pt. 1

      Viburnum x bodnantense 'Dawn' Then and now! We're finally witnessing the fruits (flowers) of our labor. These beautiful pictures of an early Spring blooming shrub with fragrant flowers taken by Sierra Bainbridge at Field Operations are just the beginning of what promises to be an ex... read more
  • OMFG.

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  • Construction, Fall 2008

    It's Friday, let's watch a video! Work on the High Line's Section 1 last fall included planting of perennials in beds from Gansevoort to 20th Street, steel removal on the 10th Avenue Square, and delivery of trees to the Gansevoort Woodland. This scope of work will continue until Section 1 open... read more
  • Alcove Seating Bench

    Photo by Jeffrey Donenfeld Alcove seating benches were installed this week on the High Line between 17th and 18th Streets. The FSC-certified IPE wood-- a sustainable Brazilian hardwood-- is the same material used for the High Line's peel-up benches. A vegetal screen will be installed behind the ... read more
  • Tim Saternow's High Line Watercolors

    Image courtesy of George Billis Gallery Image courtesy of George Billis Gallery Image courtesy ofGeorge Billis Gallery  Tim Saternow, a Chelsea-based artist (and Emmy-nominated art director for television), spent the last two years painting the High Line from the street and surrounding bu... read more
  • Cold Weather Tips from the Construction Team

    Take a pain reliever before going out into the thins your blood so it flows better when cold. When you ball your hands in your pockets, don't make a full fist. Instead, leave air space so that the warm air generated by your body heat stays trapped in your cupped hand and helps your... read more
  • FHL Now Hiring For Program Coordinator, Six Other Positions

    Join the High Line team! We're hiring for seven positions, most recently a Program Coordinator: The Program Coordinator will administer and assist in the execution of public programs on the High Line. Reporting to the Program and Outreach Manager, the Program Coordinator will work normal busines... read more
  • Rail Yards Update: Get Ready!

      Don't miss your chance to show your support for the High Line at the most important public hearing since 2005. UPDATE: This hearing is scheduled for March 31 at 9:30 AM. Read More. In the next few weeks, the City Council will hold a public hearing regarding its vote on the Eastern Rail ... read more
  • Early High Line Review: "Prosaic" with "Touches of the Sublime"

    Hugh Pearman, London-based design critic and author of several fantastic architecture books, was recently in town reviewing another NYC project, and decided to stop by to check out the progress on the High Line.  Pearman compiled his initial thoughts about his visit on his Web site. In the revie... read more