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  • Even The New Yorker Knows The High Line is a Babe Magnet

    Photo by Brian Finke The "Goings on About Town" photo in this week's New Yorker featured a familiar sight to anyone who's strolled the High Line on a hot day.  The Sundeck's lounge chairs – both rolling and stationary – have become a veritable Mecca for sunbathers. For those who remember the ea... read more
  • Help Our Little Flickr Grow!

      Our flickr pool, now well past its infancy and into its chubby adolescence, is a great repository of High Line visitor photos. It's a fun browse, but it needs your help to grow big and strong. If you're on flickr, please take a moment to add your best High Line shots to our pool. You'll ... read more
  • Help Bees Help Us

    Did you know?: One-third of our food depends on the services of a pollinator, pollinators like nature's loveable pirate; the bee. In 2007, the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation, the Greenbelt Native Plant and the Great Sunflower Project began the Great Pollinator Project (GPP), an initia... read more
  • Crop to Cup Free for All this Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY!

    Please join  Crop to Cup this Sunday, August 16th, from 4 PM to 6 PM for free coffee and chocolate drinks on the High Line at the Chelsea Market passage! High Liners will be able to choose from Crop to Cup's signature hot and iced coffees, iced chocolate, and hot or iced mochas. All dairy is su... read more
  • Another Proposal!

    Maybe the air thirty feet up does something to people, but the High Line seems to have been attracting some serious love lately. We received word of another proposal on the High Line a few weeks back, when a San Franciscan named Alex came to New York to propose to his girlfriend Priya. No need ... read more
  • No Longer Empty

      Last night brought the opening of an art exhibition inspired, in part, by the High Line. "Reflecting Transformations" features artworks that address the idea of transformation and celebrate "the regeneration of the area and the transformative nature that art can have on a community.  Th... read more
  • Peter Obletz: The High Line's Original Friend

    Obletz outside his home in 1983  The High Line in 2009 is a story of success. After ten years of arguing, working, raising money, convincing, and building, the High Line finally opened as the civic marvel that many had dreamed it could become during its decades of disuse. However, this sto... read more
  • Hannock and Halfsteak at Craftsteak

    Today's Guest post is by FHL Co-Founder Robert Hammond on one of his favorite places to eat in the neighborhood: "A few weeks ago I walked into Tom Colicchio's restaurantCraftsteak to show some friends Stephen Hannock's amazing painting Chelsea Winter with Elevated Park; New York High Line.  S... read more
  • NYT Most-emailed: The High Line's "small town in the air"

      Today, a new accolade! For the first time, an article about the High Line made it to the "most-emailed" list on the New York Times web site. The article, called "The High Line: A Railway Out of Manhattan", captures the special atmosphere up on the line – "almost a small town in the air.... read more
  • Target High Line Street Festival Recap

      A big thanks to the thousands of people who came to the Target High Line Street Festival on Sunday! We estimate that more than 25,000 people joined us at the Street Festival and up on the High Line. We are so grateful to Target, the Parks Department and other City partners, and all of ou... read more