Q: Where can I find the original "Designing the High Line" competition information?
The original site is located at: http://www.thehighline.org/competition/original/index.html

Q: What can I do if some of the information about my entry is incorrect?
Please e-mail us at info@thehighline.org and lets us know your Entry and Registration ID, along with the requested corrections. Please realize that we are a small non-profit and do not have dedicated resources to act on each change immediately. We will try our best to make the change immediately, but it could take as long as three (3) weeks for a change to be fixed.

Q: Why don't I see a larger image of an entrant design when I click on the image or "CLICK TO ENLARGE"?

A: This site makes use of pop-up windows to display the larger images. If you are using pop-up blocking software, or your browser supports this function to stop advertisements, then you will not be able to see the enlarged images. Please disable this feature to make full use of this site.

Q: Why can't I find my entry when searching even though I submitted a design? Why doesn't my design have my name and information?
A: Some people did not adhere to the submission requirements when submitting their designs. Due to irregular formatting of the requested submissions, we were unable to photograph some of the designs for the Web site. We asked all entrants to put a sealed envelope with their personal data on the back of each boards. Many boards arrived without envelopes, or with incomplete information. In this case we listed those people as "Author Unknown" or "Unknown, Author." Also, for students who submitted via a single registration done with a university studio, you might be listed as "Student Entry" or "Entry, Student."

Q: Where can I sign-up to receive more information from Friends of the High Line?
A: You can join Friends of the High Line by submitting your e-mail address through this Web site on the E-MAIL SIGN-UP page, or by visiting our main Web site located at: http://www.thehighline.org.

Q: I sent you two physical illustration boards, how did this site get made?
A: After the jury had selected the winners, we hired a photographer to take a photograph of each board using a 6 mega-pixel camera. Each board was the cropped and joined on a computer and saved as single file.

Q: What technologies make this Web site work?
A: This site is written using a combination of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. The site uses HTML, JavaScript and CSS for page display, while PHP is used to dynamically generate Web pages which integrate with a mySQL database to retrieve each entrant's info and image data. The Web site is served from two physically seperate servers: (1) the Web server which is running on FreeBSD Unix 4.6 using Apache 1.3.27 and (2) the database server which is running on FreeBSD Unix 4.6 using mySQL 4.0.13.

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