Development Director Juliet Page to Leave FHL

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Development Director Juliet Page to Leave FHL

It will be with deep affection and gratitude that we say farewell to FHL's Director of Development, Juliet Page, when she leaves Friends of the High Line in September. Juliet is moving to New Orleans to join her husband, Philip Hollander, assistant professor of Hebrew literature and director of the Hebrew language program at Tulane Universtiy. Juliet and Philip were married this past June.

As a development director, Juliet led FHL through a period of vibrant growth. Our summer benefit, which raised $200,000 in 2002, raised $1.25 million in 2006, thanks to Juliet's hard work and her ability to communicate the importance of the High Line project to donors at all levels.

But Juliet has been much, much more than a development director. She has been a powerful, guiding force in the most important decisions about FHL's mission and projects. She championed an expansion of our community engagement efforts, always inspiring us to see occasional failures as reasons to redouble our efforts. The successful 2005 exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, which was extended to run for six months and which introduced the High Line to thousands of New Yorkers and visitors, was originally proposed by Juliet. As always, she inspired us to reach beyond own expectations – to dream and then make those dreams come true.

Juliet came to FHL when the High Line was under threat of demolition, when we had only two staff members, and when most people had never heard of the High Line. She leaves us with the High Line under construction and projected to open in 2008, with FHL driven by an energetic staff of nine, and with the High Line known across the city and around the world as a model project of vision and innovation.

We think of her as a member of our family, and we will miss her very much. We also envy those who will have the good fortune to work with her in years to come.