Winter Weather on the High Line

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Winter Weather on the High Line

EnlargeHigh Line Maintainer Harry Bissell helps clear snow.

The High Line got its first taste of true winter weather in late December, as a blizzard swept up the East Coast and blanketed the High Line, and the rest of New York City, with 10 inches of snow. Since then, lighter snowfalls, sub-freezing temperatures, and heavy winds have been the norm in the last few weeks.

Snow and ice on the High Line present a special challenge for our Maintenance and Operations team, and they've quickly risen to the test. The team must quickly and effectively clear snow from the High Line's stairs and walking paths to make them safe for park visitors.

Because of the High Line's delicate plantings, and our commitment to sustainable operations, no salts or chemicals are used in snow clearance. Instead, where the path is wide enough, snow is cleared with a rotating broom attachment to our Toolcat vehicle (shown above). On parts of the High Line where the path is narrow, and on all stairs, snow must be shoveled by hand. A heavy snowfall on the High Line is an "all hands on deck" scenario, and can require several hours of work before the park can fully open to visitors.

In the event of a snowstorm or other inclement weather this winter, please check our Web site, or follow us on Twitter, for updates. We will update both to let you know whether the High Line is fully open, partially closed, or completely closed while we work to clear snow.

We hope to see you on the High Line this winter!