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Miracle Above Manhattan
National Geographic, 04/11


High Line's Next Phase: Less Glitz, More Intimacy
The New York Times, 12/19/10

Francis Cape, The Other End of the Line
The Brooklyn Rail, 12/10

In West Chelsea, a High Line Boomlet
The New York Times, 11/11/10

Demetrius Oliver: Jupiter
Art Review, 09/17/10

Once Around the Park, Then Farewell
The New York Times, 09/02/10

Pondering Sculpture Under the Trees
The New York Times, 08/26/10

Future Rising on West Side
am New York, 08/23/10

Big Brother and Bells Toll
Wall Street Journal, 08/21/10

Chime After Chime
The New Yorker, 08/16/10

Friends of the High Line Get 'Cubed'
Chelsea Now, 08/13/10

All the Buzz: Citizen Scientists Watch Bees on the High Line
WNYC, 08/12/10

In Signs of New Life, Prosperity Deals Below as Park Runs Above
The New York Times, 08/10/10

Young Stargazers Peer At Heavenly Spheres From The High Line
NY1, 08/06/10

Degrees of Style Amid the Swelter
The New York Times, 07/28/10

High Line Founders To Get Jane Jacobs Medal
The New York Times, 07/19/10

After High Line's Success, Other Cities Look Up
The New York Times, 07/15/10

New York Park Is Model For Atlanta Beltline
WSB TV, 07/14/10

Heritage Heroes: Beirut / New York / India
BBC World News, 06/26/10

High Line Elevates Work of Local Artists
NY1, 06/20/10

Hit Park to Expand in '11
New York Post, 06/11/10

High Atop Chelsea, Dancers Do Their Thing
Chelsea Now, 04/11/10

High Line Rolls Up Numbers; Visitors Top 2 Million Mark
The Villager, 04/08/10

Elevated Park Hails 2 Millionth Visitor
New York Post, 04/02/10

Taking the High Line: the art park that rivals MoMA
The Art Newspaper, 03/05/10

Life-enhancer of the year award
Wallpaper*, 02/10/10

City gets the process rolling to control High Line's last leg
The Villager, 02/03/10

36 Hours in New York City
The New York Times, 01/10/10


A Few Triumphs Pierce the Clouds of a Bleak Time
New York Times, 12/20/09

New York's hanging gardens
The Guardian, 11/08/09

For High Line Visitors, Park Is a Railway Out of Manhattan
New York Times, 07/21/09

The High Line: Think, Reuse, Grow Up
The Huffington Post, 06/28/09

All Abroad the High Line
Wall Street Journal, 06/23/09

The Neighborhood Below
New York Magazine, 06/21/09

Beyond the Hype
Metropolis Magazine, 06/17/09

On High, a Fresh Outlook
New York Times, 06/09/09

Renovated High Line Now Open for Strolling
New York Times, 06/08/09

Well, It's High Time! Bloomy's Ribbon Cut to Kick Off Park Party
New York Post, 06/08/09

Own This City: New Spring Venues
Time Out New York, 03/19/09

Park in Sky Chugging Along Toward June Opening
The Villager, 03/18/09

High Line On Track
New York Post, 03/16/09


Must-See Green American Landmarks
Travel + Leisure, November 2008

Taking a Stroll Along the High Line
New York Times, 11/30/08

The High Line Steps Out for a Night
New York Times, 09/09/08

Excitement’s High as High Line Chugs Toward Opening
The Villager, 07/16/08

Two Friends, and the Dream of a Lofty Park Realized
New York Times, 07/11/08

City Unveils Final Plan on First Slice of the High Line
New York Times, 06/16/08

The Buzz: Whispers Around the Yards
Chelsea Now, 01/13/08

Filming Robbins in the City He Loved
New York Times, 01/06/08

In Winds of Winter, Midair Park Takes Shape
New York Times, 01/02/08


It's One El of a Park
New York Post, 11/12/07

Decks, Marshes & Trees Set for High Line
New York Post, 11/12/07

Show and Tell: 'Opus Jazz'
New York Magazine, 11/05/07

Spare Times: For Children
New York Times, 09/14/07

Living the High Line Life
Fashion Week Daily, 06/21/07

Talk in Cutting-Edge Building on Cutting-Edge Park
The Villager, 05/30/07

Biggest Building Site in Manhattan Up for Auction
The New York Times, 05/15/07

The Charming Gadfly Who Saved the High Line
The New York Times, 05/13/07

No High Line in Redeveloped Hudson Yards?
New York Magazine, 05/10/07

New Plans for Hudson Yards Feature High Rises, High Line
The New York Sun, 05/09/07

High Line Festival: High Fidelity
Time Out New York, 04/30/07

The High Line: What Was, Is and Will Be
Time Out New York, 04/30/07

High Line: Behind the Scenes
Time Out New York, 04/30/07

The High Line: It Brings Good Things to Life
New York Magazine, 04/30/07

Work on High Line Park Project is Chugging Along
The Villager, 03/12/07

'Park in Sky' Really Taking Off, to Open Next Year
The Villager, 02/08/07

Walk on the Wild Side
Time, 01/18/07


Rail Shot at Prosperity: High Line Plan a $174M Boost
New York Post, 12/09/06

Chelsea Morning
New York Magazine, 11/09/06

Dia Art Foundation Calls Off Museum Project
The New York Times, 10/25/06

High Line in 2016
New York Magazine, 06/05/06

How Does Your Urban Garden Grow?
The New York Times, 04/16/06

High Line Park Achieves Liftoff with a Rail Lifting
The Villager, 04/12/06

High-Fives for New Park
Daily News, 04/11/06

High Line Gets A-Rolling
Metro, 04/11/06

Project Gives Forgotten NYC Rail Line New, Lush Life
NPR, 04/10/06

Design Details Outlined for High Line 'Park in Sky'
The Villager, 02/15/06

Dia's High Line Designs Moving Ahead, Despite Foundation Chief's Departure
The New York Sun, 02/13/06

Blasts From the Past
The New York Times, 02/05/06

Initial Work on High Line Park's South End to Begin Next Month
The Villager, 01/26/06


Turning the High Line Into ... the High Life
The New York Times, 12/18/05

This Train is Bound for Glory
New York Blade, 12/16/05

Railroad and City Hook up High Line Transfer Deal
The Villager, 11/23/05

Fine Lines
Artforum, 09/24/05

New Paths for Walkers, Dreamers, 08/28/05

The Secret Jardin
The New York Times, 08/21/05

Hillary Hikes on the High Line and Hooks up $18 Million for It
The Villager, 08/10/05

The Museum at the End of the Line
The New York Times, 08/07/05

Rusty Railroad Advances on Road to Pristine Park
The New York Times, 06/15/05

Instead of Meat, High Line Will Offload Artistas at Dia Museum
The Villager, 05/19/05

Building That Straddles High Line Park Adapts to Times
The New York Sun, 05/17/05

Dia Art Foundation Plans an Upscale Move
The New York Times, 05/09/05

How Everyone Jumped Aboard a Railroad to Nowhere
The New York Times, 05/08/05

Down-to-Earth Masterpieces Of Public Landscape Design
The Wall Street Journal, 05/04/05

Friends of the High Line Unveils Preliminary Designs
AIArchitect, 05/04/05

Exhibit Reveals Future of Manhattan's High Line
NY1, 04/21/05

Heaven and El
New York Post, 04/21/05

High Lines Designs at the MoMA
Gothamist, 04/20/05

Pedal to the Metal on the High Line
Archinect, 04/19/05

Designers Detail an Urban Oasis 30 Feet Up
The New York Times, 04/19/05

Exclusive: Inside The New High Line Plans
Curbed, 04/19/05

Abandoned Rail's an Urban Dream
New York Newsday, 04/19/05

Abandoned Railway Becomes Elevated Promenade
WNYC, 04/18/05

Rail Revival: Designs for New York's High Line Unveiled
Interior Design, 04/15/05

The New, True Spirit
The Architect's Newspaper, 02/16/05

The Call of the Primordial
New York Times, 01/06/05


NYer of the Week
NY1, 10/22/04

State and Owner Get Aboard the High Line Greenway Plan
The Villager, 10/13/04

Track to Basics
Wallpaper, 10/10/04

Elevated Railway in Manhattan to Become Park
USA Today, 10/07/04

High Line Park on Right Track
New York Post, 10/07/04

Mike: Looks Like High Line Time
Daily News, 10/07/04

City Ups High Line Funding, Names Designers
Crain's New York Business, 10/06/04

Design Team is on Track to Lead High Line Design
The Villager, 08/18/04

New York's West Side is Back on Track
The Times of London, 08/17/04

A Plan for the High Line
New York Times, 08/15/04

The High Line — a Dramatic Park?
New York Newsday, 08/13/04

Gardens in the Air Where the Rail Once Ran
New York Times, 08/12/04

Remaking Tracks, 07/29/04

Virtual Worlds Meet the Real One
Wired News, 07/29/04

Friends of the High Line Unveils Finalists' Designs
Architectural Record, 07/23/04

Friends of the High Line Raised Over $600,000
New York Social Diary, 07/23/04

High Line Forum Packed Tighter than a Subway Car
The Villager, 07/21/04

Bold Visions for Rusty Icon, 07/16/04

High Line: Sky's Limit
New York Post, 07/15/04

Friends of the High Line
New York Sun, 07/15/04

Design Finalists in High Line Project Chosen
ABC 7 Online, 07/14/04

Ideas for Manhattan's High Line To Be Displayed
Preservation Online, 07/12/04

Elevated Visions
New York Times, 07/11/04

Manhattan High Line Project Down to Four Finalists
Architecture Magazine, 06/04/04

An Eden Above the City
Los Angeles Times, 05/15/04

Dreaming the High Line Into Reality
The Pennsylvania Gazette, 05/01/04

Seven Design Teams Vie to Create High Line Plan
The Villager, 04/28/04

Seven Teams Short-Listed To Redesign New York's High Line
Architectural Record, 04/26/04

Jets Toss Lifeline to the High Line
The Daily News, 04/16/04

Chelsea: The Greening of the High Line
Gotham Gazette, 03/10/04

Design Teams Sought for High Line
The Villager, 03/10/04

High Line Design Plan Begins, 03/04/04

Hopes are Ever Higher: Friends of the High Line and NYC Issue Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for High Line Master Plan, 03/01/04

Making an Old Viaduct Viable Again
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 02/20/04

Friends in High Places, 01/01/04


Bizzers Take High Line for Org, 11/30/03

Hanging Garden of Babble-On
New York Observer, 11/17/03

Comment: Visions of Better Cities: It's a Father-Son Thing
My San, 11/16/03

Converted Railways Revitalize Communities
Fox News, 11/03/03

From Rail to Ruin
New York Times, 11/02/03

S.A. Native Works to Save N.Y.'s High Line
My San, 10/26/03

Special West Chelsea District Rezoning Proposal
New York City Department of City Planning, 09/25/03

City Unveils Plans to Turn Old Rail Line Into a Park
New York Times, 09/25/03

City Announces High Line Plan
Crain's New York Business, 09/24/03

Park Plan for W. Side Rail
New York Post, 09/24/03

High Line Decision May Fall to Feds
New York Newsday, 09/23/03

New York City's High Line
NPR, 08/05/03

High Hopes for the High Line
The Guardian, 08/01/03

Proposals for the High Line
Architecture Week, 07/23/03

High Line 'Critical' to NYC Development
The Kansas City Star - AP, 07/22/03

Things are Looking Up for the High Line
eOculus, 07/18/03

Effort to Turn Old Rail Line Into 'Park in the Sky'
1010 Wins, 07/17/03

High Line High Life
Forbes, 07/11/03

Metro Briefing | New York: Manhattan: Millions Set For Public Space
New York Times, 07/10/03

High Line Design Competition
New York Construction News, 04/01/03


High Line Reversal
Gotham Gazette, 12/24/02

On West Side, Rail Plan is up and Walking
New York Times, 12/22/02

Preservationists Move to Save High Line
Crain's New York Business, 08/29/02

High Life on the High Line
Metropolis, 05/01/02

Judge Rules Against Demolition Plans for New York's Historic Elevated Rail
Preservation Online, 03/14/02

Seven to Save
Metropolis, 02/08/02

New York Voices: A World Above
Thirteen / WNET New York, 2002

Art Dealers Join Battle to Save the High Line
The Art Newspaper


One Track Mind
The Village Voice, 12/27/01

Chelsea Battles
New York, 05/21/01