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FHL Newsletter
NOVEMBER 1 , 2001

Dear Friend of the High Line,

See the end of the newsletter for a link to the Public Space Maker High Line Report, the new High Line web site and recent press in Fortune Magazine and Art in America.

Please Help Us Save The High Line!

Come tell Community Board 4 that you oppose City plans to tear the High Line down.

High Line supporters, especially those who live or work in Community Board 4 (the West Side, 14th Street to 60th Street) or Community Board 2 (the West Side, 14th Street to Canal Street) should speak out at the public session of the next Board 4 meeting.

Wednesday, November 7, 6:00 PM.
Hudson Guild Fulton Center
119 Ninth Avenue (17th-18th Street)

****SIGN UP to speak as you enter the room. The earlier you sign up, the earlier you will speak—and the earlier you get to leave. Public session usually begins after some procedural business and one or two presentations.****

Karen Loew will be keeping a rough list of who/how many people might speak. Please call her or email her if you plan to speak, or if you have questions: 646-486-1975; kel@monmouth.com


Behind closed doors, away from public scrutiny, City officials are attempting to finalize an agreement to tear down the High Line before the end of the current mayoral administration. Demolition advocates arepushing this, because they think the next mayor might not want to tear it down—and they're right: Both Mark Green and Michael Bloomberg publicly support Friends of the High Line.

To get the demolition deal done secretly and fast, the City is attempting to bypass the established public review process, called ULURP.

Board 4 is considering sending a letter to the Deputy Mayor of EconomicDevelopment and Finance, objecting to the lack of community review in this process. Please tell the Board that you object to the demolition of the High Line, and that you hope the Board will object the City's rush toward demolition in the strongest possible terms.

You are given three minutes to speak. But try to keep it much shorter than that (a minute or less is ideal). Speaking points to consider:

1. You are saddened/shocked/dismayed that the City is attempting to finalize a demolition agreement behind closed doors without community review.

2. Demolition of the High Line will last over a year, and create noise, dust, pollution, and significant traffic issues. The loss of this important historic structure will change the character of the neighborhood permanently.

3. To commit the city to ripping up 22 city blocks, when we're still reeling from the WTC attack, is at the very least, an ill-conceived plan. Such a massive and invasive procedure demands environmental and community review.

4. You strongly urge the community board to demand participation in the review process, as is mandated by the City Charter.

5. Thank the board members for their consideration.


On a happier note, a summary of panel discussion, "Public Space Makers:
The Future of the High Line," hosted by the Design Trust for Public Space, is now available on-line. Go to www.designtrust.org. look for the link at the bottom of the homepage.


We have launched our new web site. Thanks to Erik Botsford and Michael Syracuse.


Articles about the High Line were in the October 29 issue of FORTUNE magazine and the October issue of Art in America.

As always, FHL thanks you for your support.


Joshua David
Robert Hammond

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