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FHL Newsletter
DECEMBER 23 , 2001

Dear Friend of the High Line,

In a last minute flurry of procedural maneuvering, the City yesterday was able to vacate a temporary order entered by Justice Diane Lebedeff -- the Judge who will decide the final merits of the case. The temporary order, called a TRO, had prevented the City from taking the first step in the demolition process, signing the Agreement with the railroad and with the Chelsea Property Owners Association (CPO). Acting late Thursday night, after a Appellate Judge overturned the TRO, the City signed the demolition Agreement. CSX, the owner of the railroad, has not signed the Agreement and even the City and CPO agree that they cannot begin demolition for at least 120 days after all parties sign the Agreement.

And we intend to make maximum use of this time.

Our lawsuit is still pending, and the Judge will be able to make a final decision early next year, probably by early February, well before any demolition can occur. We remain confident that the Court will decide that the City must submit its demolition proposal to the City Council and the community boards under the City Charter's Land Use provisions. Once that happens, the community's voice will be heard and can stop the demolition.

We also have the strong support of the incoming Bloomberg administration. We look forward to working with them to come up with a reasonable solution to reverse the current administration's signature of the demolition Agreement.

Although we view the City's signature as a setback, with the support of the new administration and a strong legal case for community involvement in the demolition process we are optimistic we will be able to prevent the execution of the demolition agreement.

This project has never been easy - we thank you again for your support and look forward to 2002.


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