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V - Pix and People, the show of showbiz
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Posted: Sun., Nov. 30, 2003, 6:00am PT
Bizzers take High Line for org
Railway plight of note due to celebs' vicinity
Steve Shainberg, Celeste Holm, Tom Fontana
'Secretary' helmer Steve Shainberg, Celeste Holm and Tom Fontana hang in Fontana's West Village abode, gathering to support the Friends of the High Line group.
The High Line
The High Line, which runs from 34th St. down into the meat packing district in New York, now has friends who wish to transform the area.

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NEW YORK -- TV producer Tom Fontana recently opened the doors of his architecturally dreamy flat in the West Village in support of Friends of the High Line, a nonprofit group intent on transforming an abandoned elevated rail structure on the West Side into a public space.

Cause has become a favorite for celebs, perhaps because many nest near the High Line, which runs from 34th St. down into the meat packing district. Kevin Bacon, Kyra Sedgwick, Amanda Peet, Edward Nortonand Glenn Close will host org's next fund-raiser Dec. 10.

Fontana discovered the High Line 15 years ago, when tried to get rights to shoot a scene for a pilot.

The land, which org needs transferred from railroad to city ownership, will cost $65 million to cultivate with landscaping, walkways and security features.

On hand: Estelle Parsons and Sony Pictures Classics' Dylan Leiner .
Date in print: Mon., Dec. 1, 2003

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