Children's Workyard Kit

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EnlargeHigh Line Children's Workyard Kit

The Children’s Workyard Kit is a mobile, oversized crate of building materials designed specifically for play on the High Line. Young visitors to High Line Kids programs use custom-designed wood planks, wheels, ropes, gears, pulleys, tools, found objects, and natural materials to construct their own play and build their own visions.

The Children’s Workyard Kit draws on the High Line's industrial history and aesthetic character. The finished wood planks are fitted with notches and holes that combine with over-sized nuts and bolts and a collection of retro-fitted vintage cranks, nobs, and metal odds and ends to allow for limitless assembling possibilities.

Using these materials, children are free to apply their own powers of imagination without predetermined designs by adults. Through tinkering and experimentation, young builders can create one-of-a-kind vehicles, forts, creatures, structures, and machines.

We hope you will bring a young friend or two, and join us to play and build on the High Line.


EnlargeHigh Line Children's Workyard Kit

The Children's Workyard Kit was designed by Cas Holman, industrial designer and toy inventor, in collaboration with Friends of the High Line staff, educators, woodworkers, architects, and children. The Workyard design followed the interests and suggestions of local children who tested the kit in Spring 2011. Through iterations of prototypes and playing, the kit was developed to facilitate children's independent, self-directed building.

The introduction of the Children’s Workyard Kit reflects Friends of the High Line’s commitment to facilitating play within this unique landscape. Since the park opened in 2009, we have watched young visitors wonder at the historical remnants and unexpected design features of this railroad-viaduct-turned-park. With the Children’s Workyard Kit, we aim to provide a hands-on, interactive way for children to engage with this space. The Kit is built to move with a custom-built, mobile, wooden storage crate. It will be available at all High Line Kids programs, labeled ages 4 and up


EnlargeHigh Line Children's Workyard Kit

The Children’s Workyard Kit will be available at all High Line Kids programs that are for children ages 4 and up.

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Cas Holman, Professor of Industrial Design, Syracuse University, and founder of Heroes Will Rise
Friends of the High Line
Fabricator: Material Process Systems, Brooklyn