Branch out from the ordinary gift

This Mother’s Day, adopt a plant on the High Line as a sustainable gift for whoever has kept you nourished and loved.


New this year: Virginia bluebells and Green Shadow sweetbay magnolia

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Green Shadow sweetbay magnolia

Magnolia virginiana var. australis ‘Green Shadow’

Sweetbay magnolia is a small tree found throughout the lowlands and swamps of the eastern United States. In springtime, the lemon-vanilla scent of its large, creamy white flowers permeates the air. Essential oil from the flowers can be used to make perfume. All of the sweetbay magnolias on the High Line are the cultivar ‘Green Shadow.’ This variety was chosen because it retains its aromatic, glossy green leaves, even in the winter.

Where to see this plant:

Magnolia virginiana var. australis ‘Green Shadow,’ or Green Shadow sweetbay magnolia, can be seen along the Flyover between 25th and 27th streets. This tree flowers from May into early June, and in the fall, a brilliant display of bright red seed clusters contrast with the plant’s dark green foliage.

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