Park update: The Interim Walkway at the Western Rail Yards (between 30th & 34th Streets) is temporarily closed today.

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30th Street Challenge
Give by June 20

To meet the demands of our busiest time of the year, we ask all friends of the High Line to help us raise a total of $30,000—$1,000 for each block of our 1.5-mile-long park along Manhattan’s West Side.

Sislej Xhafa

bride on soil

Sislej Xhafa (b. 1970, Peja, Kosovo) lives and works in New York, New York, United States. bride on soil is a teepee standing on a Plinth made of soil and grass; at the apex of the teepee is a sign reading “ATM.” For Xhafa, the teepee is a nod to the Indigenous people of what is now the US and a reference to both ancient and contemporary migration and tent encampments around the world.


Major support for the High Line Plinth is provided by Shelley Fox Aarons, Jennifer Allan Soros, Elizabeth Belfer, Suzanne Deal Booth, Fairfax Dorn, Andy and Christine Hall, Hermine Riegerl Heller, J. Tomilson Hill, The Holly Peterson Foundation, Annie Hubbard, Dorothy Lichtenstein, Donald R. Mullen, Jr., Miyoung Lee and Neil Simpkins, Doug Oliver, Mario J. Palumbo, Jr., Susan Scherr, Susan Viniar, and Anonymous.