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The park will be closed between Gansevoort St. and 16th St. from 6 to 11pm on Tuesday, August 21.

M&O: Green Maintenance Vehicles

worksman tricycle Worksman Tricycle

M&O is a new series of posts attempting to explain some of the  Maintenance and Operations issues we're thinking about for the High Line once it's open. M&O discussions are ongoing, and many details will be finalized in the months leading up to the High Line's opening.

In building a park as unorthodox as the High Line, unusual circumstances require creative solutions. Because of the shape of  the High Line -- long and linear, with narrow paths and few open spaces for parking --  the use of traditional maintenance vehicles such as large cars and trucks is limited. We're also trying to make the High Line as green as possible by cutting down on any unnecessary sources of carbon emissions.

As a result, the High Line staff has had to come up with some interesting ideas as to how to transport workers, tools and other necessities from one end to the other.

One such possibility being discussed is the use of tricycles. No, not your little brother's shiny new Christmas present, but rather the muscle-bound brute strength of a Worksman Industrial Tricycle, the same company who makes the famously indestructable Central Park hot dog carts. Ozone Park-based Worksman is the oldest bicycle manufacturer in the USA.

In using these trikes on the High Line, we would hope to turn them into veritable Batmobiles of the sky, allowing for easy transport of large quantities of tools and equipment, with minimal interruption of the public's use of the space. And because they're manual, they would eliminate emissions commonly found in engine vehicles, serving as an efficient, eco-friendly alternative.

Any other suggestions for interesting alternative transportation methods are more than welcome!

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