Walking the High Line with Joel Sternfeld


Next weekend offers a rare opportunity to see Joel Sternfeld's Photographs of the High Line as part of Luhring Augustine's booth at the ADAA Art Show 2009 at the Park Avenue Armory.

Back in 2000, in the dawning hours of Friends of the High Line, co-founders Robert Hammond and Joshua David asked noted photographer Joel Sternfeld to walk the High Line to take photographs. The pictures Joel took in the subsequent seasons chronicled the allure and natural grace of the High Line, and played a crucial role in alerting the public to the potential of what many saw from below as abandoned ruins. Adam Gopnik wrote about Joel in the May 21st, 2001 issue of the New Yorker:

"The poet-keeper of the High Line is the photographer Joel Sternfeld. He has been taking pictures of it in all seasons for the past year, and he has a gift for seeing light and space and color-romantic possibility of every kind-where a less sensitive observer sees smudge and weed and ruin. The High Line does not offer a God's-eye view of the city, exactly, but something rarer, the view of a lesser angel: of a cupid in a Renaissance painting, of the putti looking down on the Nativity manger."

Joel's photographs offered a deeper insight into the limitless possibilities of the High Line, and a glimpse of the beauty hidden from view of those looking from down below, casting a spotlight on the nascent advocacy group. Walking the High Line, the out-of-print book of Joel's photographs, is currently selling for as much as $690.00 on Amazon.com. Luckily for fans, there is an anticipated second edition printing to be sold in conjunction with park opening, with a much more reasonable price tag.

Luhring Augustine will display Photographs of the High Line as part of a solo exhibition of Joel Sternfeld's Walking the High Line at the ADAA Art Show 2009, Booth B14.

February 19-23, 2009
Park Avenue Armory
Park Avenue at 67th Street
New York City

Admission $20

Thursday - Saturday: 12:00 - 8:00 PM
Sunday: 12:00 - 6:00 PM
Monday: 12:00 -  5:00 PM

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