NYT Most-emailed: The High Line's "small town in the air"


Today, a new accolade! For the first time, an article about the High Line made it to the "most-emailed" list on the New York Times web site.

The article, called "The High Line: A Railway Out of Manhattan", captures the special atmosphere up on the line – "almost a small town in the air... It even inspires crusty New Yorkers to behave as if they were strolling down Main Street."

As a park visitor explained in the article: "Here people tend to be more friendly...Those same people, you might see them someplace else and, you know," she broke off, raising her eyebrows, "they're kind of stressed."

The small town-feel is also helped along by the High Line's design – as the Times put it, "it has its own neighborhoods and hot spots, shifting in feel throughout the day."  On the day the Times visited, they found plenty of different experiences along the way.  A woman celebrating her birthday shared her cake with strangers strolling past her impromptu party; art students sketched the view of the city; a figure skating instructor posed for a photo; and High Line staff swept along making sure the park was clean for its thousands of daily visitors.

If you haven't visited yet, stop by soon-- even on the busiest of days, there is plenty of room to relax, eat, meet friends (or make new ones), walk, and enjoy the city.

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The High Line: #7 most emailed and rising!

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