Field Station

Did you know that the Chelsea Market Passage runs through the original Nabisco Factory, where Oreo cookies are rumored to have been invented? Or that the railroads, which traveled from all over the country to bring provisions to New York City, carried a number of species that took root on the High Line?

These are the kinds of topics you can learn about at our newly launched Field Station. Last summer, when we introduced our team of High Line Greeters, many visitors had the chance to find answers to their High Line-related questions. The Field Station aims to continue this type of interaction, while also giving visitors the opportunity to learn about the High Line in a more meaningful way.

volunteers trained by Friends of the High Line’s staff have been stationed on the High Line daily, where park visitors can stop by to receive in-depth information about the High Line’s history, design, and horticulture. You can also browse the selection of books and games that are available to rent. Kids, too, will find plenty of activities, including self-guided illustrated walks covering the High Line’s history, design, nature, and neighborhood. The Field Station also has special puzzles, games, and scavenger hunts for kids to rent.

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