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Park update: The High Line is currently open from Gansevoort St. to 30th St.. The section between 30th St. & 11th Ave. and 34th St. & 12th Ave. is currently closed due to icy conditions. Please check back or follow @highlinenyc on Twitter for updates.

Construction Update: 30th Street Cut-Out


At the northern terminus of Section 2, construction crews recently hoisted a 15-by-35-foot steel frame into place. The frame is a key component of the Viewing Platform above the 30th Street Cut-Out, an area where the High Line’s concrete decking has been removed, revealing the steel gridwork of High Line beams and girders. The 30th Street Cut-Out will be one of the unique design features visitors find when Section 2 opens later this spring. 30th Street Cut-Out, thanks to The Pershing Square Foundation.

Follow us after the jump for more photos and renderings.

cut-out-rendering A rendering of the 30th Street Cut-Out, a design feature in Section 2 where the concrete decking has been removed, revealing the steel gridwork of High Line beams and girders. Adjacent plantings will include sassafras, birch, and juniper trees along the concrete path which will provide a dramatic contrast to the transparent, open viewing platform. Design by James Corner Field Operations and Diller Scofidio + Renfro. Design rendering courtesy of the City of New York.
viewing-platform-installed The steel frame for the 15-by-35-foot viewing platform arrived on the construction site as one piece. Construction crews hoisted the rectangular frame into place and welded it to large I-beams and metal angles. When Section 2 opens later this spring, visitors standing on the viewing platform will be able to look down through the High Line’s steel beams and girders, and watch traffic pass below on 30th Street.
metal-grating-arrives The path leading to the Cut-Out slowly ramps up by approximately two-and-a-half feet above the High Line level to the viewing platform. Here, construction crews are using a crane to hoist panels of stainless steel metal grating for the viewing platform.
workers Metal workers recently installed the stainless steel grating that will form the floor of the viewing platform.
viewing-platform-done In the coming weeks, crews will install the clear, laminated glass railing along the outer edge of the viewing platform. The glass railing and the transparent floor of the viewing platform, which will be lit from below, and will create the illusion of a floating stage, hovering above the High Line’s structural steel grid.
map The 30th Street Cut-Out is located at the northern terminus of Section 2, where the High Line curves to the west. When Section 2 opens later this spring, visitors standing on the Cut-Out will be able to take in sweeping views of the Hudson River to the west, and the Empire State Building to the east. To the north, visitors will see the High Line at the rail yards. This rail yards section of the High Line comprises one-third of the entire historic structure. It is still owned by CSX Transportation Inc., the railroad company that donated the High Line below 30th Street to the City of New York in 2005.
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