Congratulations to Photographer Justin Lintz!

High Line Facebook fans chose Justin Lintz's nightscape to be the next High Line Print.

Last month we asked for your help choosing the next High Line Print for our merchandise program that supports the High Line’s maintenance and operations.

Drawing from a wealth of vibrant photographs in the High Line Flickr Pool, we narrowed it down to five of our favorites, and we asked you to help pick the winner.

More than 1,000 fans on Facebook voted for their favorite photograph, selecting an enchanting nightscape by Justin Lintz as the next High Line Print.

Follow us after the jump for more examples of Justin’s great work.

Justin Lintz’s love of photography developed as he explored digital photography toward the end of high school and through college. What began as a way of documenting a family trip to Alaska with a simple point-and-shoot camera quickly became a passionate artistic pursuit. “I began reading a lot about photography on Digital Photography Review and discovered the world of digital SLRs,” Justin recalls. Making the switch to a more professional camera allowed him to capture better photos and only increased his interest in the art form.

See more of Justin’s work on Flickr where you’ll find a mixture of vibrant New York City street scenes, beautiful foliage and blooms, and interesting characters. Justin cites Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bruce Davidson, Trent Parke, Garry Winogrand, and other photographers from Magnum Photos as inspiration.

“I really enjoy street photography even though I don't do as much of it myself as I would like – it's a bit nerve-racking taking photos of strangers and not knowing how they will react,” Justin says. “I was never a fan of posed shots. Street photography captures scenes from everyday life that occur for only brief a moment. It really takes a good eye to spot those moments and capture them.”

Below are a few of our favorite photos that Justin has taken at the High Line.

The southern end of the High Line at Gansevoort Street. Photo by Justin Lintz.
(Left) Summer flowers contrast with the background cityscape. (Right) A tilt-shift perspective looking from the High Line down onto 10th Avenue. Photos by Justin Lintz.
Visitors walk up the Gansevoort Stair as the setting sun casts warm light across the park. Photo by Justin Lintz.
Justin captures amazing night photos like The Standard, New York at sunset (Left) and the High Line’s signature walkways (Right). Photos by Justin Lintz.
L'’Observatoire International’s subtle lighting makes these vibrant green grasses even more magical. Photo by Justin Lintz.
“I enjoy nighttime photography particularly on the High Line since the lighting sets the perfect scene in the planting beds,” Justin says. Photo by Justin Lintz.
Nighttime offers an opportunity for beautifully unique plant photos. Photo by Justin Lintz.

See more of Justin’s work on Flickr.

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