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The park will be closed between Gansevoort St. and 16th St. from 6 to 11pm on Tuesday, August 21.

Plant of the Week: Lady Jane tulip

The High Line’s Lady Jane tulips are a recent crowd-pleaser. Photo by Barry Munger.

The High Line’s planting design is inspired by the self-seeded landscape that grew up between rail tracks after the trains stopped running in the 1980s. Today, the High Line includes more than 300 species of perennials, grasses, shrubs, and trees — chosen for their hardiness, adaptability, diversity, and seasonal variation in color and texture. Some of the species that originally grew on the High Line’s rail bed are reflected in the park landscape today.

This week we share with you one of our Gardeners’ current favorites.


These bright colorful candy-striped tulips are popping up in the planting beds near West 18th Street. A visitor favorite, Tulipa 'Lady Jane' is a hardy spring bulb with a tendency to multiply. Our tulips are finally naturalized, meaning we didn’t need to plant additional bulbs last fall to get a strong showing this spring.

One interesting thing to note about these flowers is the arrangement of their petals which changes according to the amount of sunlight. On overcast days or in the evening hours you’ll find the flowers closed up. On bright sunny days, as pictured here on the right, the flowers open fully revealing bright white interiors.

Between West 17th and West 18th Streets

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