Photo by Timothy Schenck

Construction Update: High Line at the Rail Yards

By Kate Lindquist | April 12, 2013

View looking east, at 11th Avenue and West 30th Street. Before and after on the High Line at the Rail Yards. Along the straightaway between 10th and 11th Avenues, the self-seeded landscape is being removed to make way for the park’s new design features, but it will remain untouched on the western stretch of the site. There, crews will build a simple path, called the Interim Walkway, to let visitors experience the original wildscape.Timothy Schenck

Site preparation took a major step forward this month, when crews began removing soil, ballast, tracks, and debris from the High Line’s concrete deck.

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Before we can build the High Line at the Rail Yards’ new design features, crews prepare the site by inspecting, repairing, and waterproofing the elevated railway’s concrete deck. To complete this process, crews remove the rail tracks, soil, ballast, and tracks, and then cut up a concrete topping slab to get down to the structural slab below.Timothy Schenck

Once the initial cuts are made, workers chip away the concrete to get down to the structural slab.Timothy Schenck

The view through the metal gate separating the High Line park’s northern terminus from the High Line at the Rail Yards. The debris will be removed from the site in the coming weeks.Timothy Schenck


Is that Jeff Koons’ train on a crane? Nope – it’s a crane building the foundation for the South Tower at Hudson Yards. On the smokepipe to the right of the crane, you can spot recent High Line Art – a black blp from Richard Artschwager’s installation at the High Line.Timothy Schenck

Construction sites are full of interesting discoveries. Pictured here are footprints embedded in the High Line’s concrete deck, dating back to 1934 when the elevated railway was originally built.Timothy Schenck

Aerial view of the High Line at the Rail Yards, just east of the intersection of 11th Avenue and West 30th Street.Timothy Schenck

LEFT Taking in the views. RIGHT An aerial view of the High Line at the Rail Yards as it curves north at 12th Avenue. In this photograph, you can see how the site preparation work ends just beyond the backhoe. That point marks the spot where the Interim Walkway will begin.Timothy Schenck

LEFT Tractor trailer trucks, commuter trains, taxi cabs – despite construction on the High Line at the Rail yards, and site preparation work underway on Hudson Yards below the High Line, the hustle and bustle continues. RIGHT A fitting mark on the concrete decking on the High Line at the Rail Yards.Timothy Schenck

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