Photo of the Week: Rainy Day

A rainy day scene from earlier this week. Photo by Steven Severinghaus

One of my favorite times to visit the park in the spring is right after a heavy rainfall. The plants glisten with dewdrops, and the pathway is clear of the usual crowds, allowing for a peaceful and serene meander through the park.

High Line Photographer Steven Severinghaus captured this image earlier this week. The image shows how far the park’s landscape has come since Spring Cutback ended just six weeks ago. Throughout the Chelsea Grasslands, Pink Delight meadow sage, Salvia pratensis ‘Pink Delight’ and Rhapsody in Blue meadow sage, Salvia x sylvestris ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ are blooming among lush clumps of wild grasses thriving after the recent rain.

Next week’s forecast calls for rain on Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday. If you live or work nearby, head up to the High Line for a peace stroll of your own, or check out other visitors’ rainy day photos in the High Line Flickr Pool.

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