Construction Update: Prepping the Concrete Deck

Rail Yards Construction crews braved intense heat to make repairs to the historic High Line pipe railing. After welding is completed, the new railing segment will be painted. Photo by Timothy Schenck

Despite soaring temperatures, construction crews have been making great strides preparing the final section of the High Line, which will open in 2014.

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An aerial view of the Spur over 10th Avenue and 30th Street reveals how much progress has been made—and how much more is needed before completion.

The existing concrete deck over the 10th Avenue Spur was showing signs of deterioration and needed to be replaced. Over the next few weeks, crews will be saw-cutting sections of the slab, working from the outside in and exposing the structural steel beams beneath. After the removal work is complete, a new cast-in-place concrete deck will be framed and poured.

Crews use jackhammers to remove the concrete around the High Line parapet and to expose our steel columns. These columns, which extend above the concrete deck and are unique to the High Line at the Rail Yards, will be integrated into the railing design.

Crews are working to clear the concrete wearing course from the top of the concrete deck. New protective layers of screed and waterproofing will be poured after the slab is cleaned.

This crew member has been removing portions of the concrete deck above the 10th Avenue Spur. Once removals are complete, a new concrete slab will be poured.

Beneath the concrete deck at the 10th Avenue Spur we can see the High Line’s steel structure below.

Another view of the 10th Avenue Spur reveals the rebar along the parapet and even more of the steel structure beneath.

Using scissor lifts, crews are working to repair the concrete facia. After the patches are complete, a protective elastomeric coating will be applied.

It won’t be long before this spot is filled with green growth. These paint and sawcut outlines indicate tree pits in the Grove, along West 30th Street and 10th Avenue.

An aerial view of the High Line—looking northwest—where the High Line park meets the High Line at the Rail Yards. Here, crews have cleared the High Line deck, stacked the historic rails, and are repairing concrete along the outside facia using scissor lifts.

Friends of the High Line thanks all its generous supporters for helping to make these historic advances possible. Special thanks to the Related Companies, for its leadership contribution, and to CSX Transportation, for donating the High Line to the City of New York.

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